Monday, August 9, 2010

I has a sad

I opened up my mini-lunchbox, which contained a beaded tatting project, and I found this.

Sadness. My green Russian shuttle came apart! Will super glue fix it?  Rats.

Also, I had to toss some tatting. I was one ring shy of finishing a project for the TAT Apprentice program. When I examined my work and found that waaaayyy back, way too far to retro tat, I had twisted a chain. Damn.  This was the second attempt at this - I wasn't happy with the first.  Three's the charm, I suppose.

My bruises are healing, but I can't really focus, as my favorite first cousin once removed is very, very ill.  She had a cardiac event 2 weeks ago, and has not regained meaningful consciousness.  She was in fine health up until now.  Besides being my cousin (Daddy's side), she is Mom's best friend.  We love her dearly.  Her family is putting her in hospice care.  I think I will make a little tatted cross for her husband.  Beyond that, and prayer, there is nothing we can do.  It's a very hard situation.


  1. I recently had a shuttle come apart the same way and was able to superglue far, so good. I hope you are able to salvage yours.

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  3. Keeping you and your family in our prayers......hang in there!

  4. I didn't know that was a shuttle--I thought it was a houseplant.
    I'm sorry about your family friend--I bet her husband will love the cross and the knowledge that you've got their back in prayer.