Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Lookie what the post brought!

Today I feel like a lucky lady.

Because today I received a prize package! Containing one of the elusive, much desired, hand made by "i'm in the garage", Pop-A-Bobbin shuttles!

(Feel free to envy me. To be honest, I don't deserve such goodness.  But it's so much fun!)

Some time ago, Sally from Tat's Heaven had a contest. And I won!  How cool is that?  I didn't bribe Sally or anything, I promise.  She was having a 100th blog post give-away, and all I had to do was comment.  Hmm, I think that's in my limited skill set!  I was astonished to see that I had won.  She's a nice lady, that Sally.

So when I got home today, I found a lovely package waiting me, with English post marks.  I dug right in.  Woo-hoo!

Not just the gorgeous Pop-A-Bobbin, but a wonderful handmade box covered in Sally's tatting.  And a delightful card congratulating me on winning.  Sally, you have exceptionally fine manners.  I should be sending YOU a card.

I opened the box, and found my Pop-A-Bobbin, made from cedar.  Isn't it pretty?  And I was able to pop the bobbin post right out, no problem.  (Moe got in on the action - he had to do it too.  He liked it!)  Isn't the box nifty?  And look at the lovely heart Sally tatted for me - makes me feel loved and all snuggly just looking at it, like a big hug.

Sally, you are too generous.  Thank you so much.  I can't wait to try out the Pop-A-Bobbin shuttle.

But that's not all the post brought.

Earlier this week, I received some thread as part of The Thread Exchange.  Melissa sent me some pretty Lizbeth and Anchor variegated thread, both size 40. Mmmm, makes me kind of salivate thinking about it.  What can I make?

The bad kitten got in on the act too....

They have moved my cousin into hospice care, a lovely facility.  My mother went to see her today, but I haven't heard from her.  Folks say my cousin just looks like she's sleeping and will wake any moment.  And we pray that she does.

Who knows what tomorrow's post will bring?


  1. I haven't been on the computer for days, well almost a week or more! This new granddaughter and her big sis are keeping Granmomma busy! I love this life.
    I am sorry to hear that your cousin is sick. I am praying for her and you and your family.
    Your treasures look awesome. Aren't gifts the best. I should know since I'm using the prettiest bookmark ever made as I read late at night after the babes and their mom and dad are in bed.

  2. That's right - my sister is a lady. A very, very sweet lady too.
    I've seen the boxes and they're absolutely lovely - took her ages and ages to decorate but I guess that kept her out of mischief!!!!

  3. Congratulations on your exciting win! You will enjoy the Pop-a-Bobbin shuttle - I have two of them, and they're very easy to use.
    Just don't let the Bad Kitten take off with the popping tool, he will probably like to play with that!

  4. Do you know its such a thrill wrapping up a parcel and sending it via airmail and then to see a picture of it again after it has arrived safely at its destination. Do hope you enjoy using the shuttle. Congratulations on winning! Lucky you getting the thread aswell.
    Ah don't listen to big sister!!!

  5. Congratulations! Sally's prize and gifts have obviously found an appreciative home.

  6. Indeed you are one lucky lady, congratulations.