Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Finshed the cross

I finished the Collossions Cross at lunch. I'll block it and get it mailed off tomorrow to my cousin's husband, along with an encouraging note.  It doesn't look like it, but the cross is in Navy Lizbeth.

I would have finished tatting the cross last night, but we had a big storm and lost power for several hours. The bad kitten used it as an opportunity to use his superior night vision and attack anything that moved, including me. And the other cats. Much growling and hissing.

You'll remember that I fell a couple of weeks ago - mostly due to being a klutz. Two years ago, I also had a fall at work. It wasn't in the same place, but it was close by, and in that fall I broke my right wrist. Guess what popped up on the sidewalk today right where I took that fall?

My guess is Someone Important took a tumble there. Maybe I shudda sued. It might have gotten noticed earlier.  C'est la vie!


  1. Ola! Crazi
    estou amando o trabalho tatting e não tenho nenhuma experiência em executar
    mas a minha curiosidade em aprender é muito imensa, por isso estou seguindo seu blog, se quiser venha conhecer o meu blog, ficarei feliz em receber vc.
    Aqui no Brasil, não estou conseguindo encontrar o material tatting, infelismente, estou procurando e espero localizar para comprar para poder começar a aprender.

  2. The cross looks like a lot of work! I'm certain it will be appreciated. As for the sidewalk -- the paint is a start, but why don't they just fix it? That's what I wonder about all the uneven sidewalks in our neighborhood (tree roots have really done a number on 'em).
    Oh -- if your son would like a copy of the frog picture, let me know where and I will send it to you (you can contact me at marty1066 at yahoo dot com).