Sunday, August 29, 2010

Quick views from Tat Days

This is a quickie - I'm stealing wi-fi at a McDonald's while waiting to go to a funeral. Yes, my beloved cousin died. I left Tat Days for a bit yesterday to visit the family, but was able to come back, as my cousin's home town is only about 45 mins drive from Toccoa. More on that later.

I've had a lovely time. Those who couldn't come - you were missed. You would have had a blast!  The folks who do Tat Days are absolutely the best, so very very nice and such fun to be around.  The conference is well organized, you learn a lot, and you meet terrific folks.

Things you missed:

Our view from the dining hall to Lake Louise. (BTW, the food was GREAT.)

The fund raiser auction, where Sue Hanson got into a bidding war over this. (She lost.)  The bottom left square (click on the pic) is made by Nina Libin - and it's all fully beaded tatting.  Gorgeous.

Vending. Drool, yum. So much thread, all in one place.  These are towers of Lizbeth.

And great classes.  This is from the class I took with Nina.

Update - while I tried to update this at Micky D's, the pictures wouldn't upload.  I got home after 8 pm, after going to the funeral, meeting family, driving back to Hotlanta, and going directly to the grocery store for my weekly shopping.  I'm beat!


  1. Glad you had fun, wish I could have been there.

  2. Thanks for the tatdays hit. Can't wait for another dose!

    Sorry to hear about your cousin.

  3. I'm sorry about your cousin. But the lake--that looks very very nice! Are those earrings at the bottom? So pretty.

  4. Hey Crazy Friend! Do you by chance have the pattern for the doily that many were using for "using up" their threads on their shuttles? It looked like a flower garden in multi color. If you have it... please please.. may I have a copy?

    Holding you in prayer!
    Love Ya!

  5. If only one could go to a local 'Tatting Shop' to see displays like that! Towers of Lizbeth and other threads, and books and items relating only to tatting! "Dream on, Macduff!"
    But at least it exists at these tatting get-togethers! Would love to attend one.

    Thanks for the updates and photos. I can't imagine posting from a WiFi place. My laptop never leaves home!

    My condolences to you and your family on the loss of your cousin.