Monday, August 30, 2010

And I'm back....

I went back to work today, and I have to say I'm completely whupped now.  Busy day at work, not much sleep over the weekend (I don't sleep well in a strange bed), plus Curly had some buddies over that I had to throw out at 12:45 am this morning.  So now I'm yawning and not thinking well.

But a little bit of Tat Days fun....

Some goodies I was given - a shuttle Georgia and Richard Seitz made, a pig from Martha, and Belgium chocolate from Riet.  I have shown admirable restraint in not eating delicious Belgium chocolate.  Yet.

I got to see - and touch - tatting by my hero, the late, great Mary Konior. I think we all recognize these.  Sue Hanson brought these in.  OMG OMG OMG I was vibrating with joy at seeing these items.  I'll show more later.  There's a big story that goes with this tatting.

I saw a few funny signs, like this one at a used car dealership in Anderson SC.  Don't you want to buy a car from Bob?  I know he'd give you a great bargain, boy howdie.  Buy here, pay here.

Some kitten porn.  I'm certain he missed me.  Doesn't he look like he missed me?  Bad but soooo cute.

I need rest.  More details tomorrow, I promise.


  1. The look that "Bad Kitty" is giving you looks to say "And where have you been?!?" Rest for now! Looking forward to reading more later.

  2. LOVE that kitty!

    Hopefully, you will post more pics - it is always such fun to see them!

    Wondering if the chocolate has vanished yet...

    Waiting for more news about that Konior exhibit.
    Fox : )