Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tat Days 2010 - Day One Report

On Friday, I drove up from Hotlanta through rush hour traffic and made it to the conference in Toccoa with some time to spare. The conference center is lovely, and all the classes, vending, and activities were in the same building as our rooms. Somehow I really lucked out, as my room was on the same floor as the classes! The only thing not on that floor was the dining hall, which was an easy ramp walk away.

This year's theme was "Fall into Tatting", so there were a lot of leaves taught.

My first class was with Martha Ess. If you don't know Martha, you need to make an effort to take a class with her. She is a love, and really talented.

Here is what I was working on in Martha's class, half way done. It looks like broomstick lace. Kinda cool and a fun technique.

In this class were both Krystle Dawne's mother Kerriann...

 So that's how it's done?

and Isdihara, here with Martha. They are so much fun, very sweet ladies. We laughed a lot in the class.

He almost went home in my Juicy Fruit tin.

Isdihara also brought a little buddy, her leprechaun Ciarrán. I'm told Martha had her's too, plus her visiting Leps, but since I never laid eyes on them, I'm sure this is just a fable.

Martha gave out prizes!  She had all these critters she had tatted when she was designing her latest book.  And we got to pick one!  It was hard to chose, but in the end I took a little pink pig.

We took a break and had lunch in the dining hall.  Taco's today, with delicious blueberry scones for dessert.  Nummers.  (FYI - the food was MUCH better here than in Winnsboro.)

Wally holding court in class

After Martha's class, I had class with Wally Sosa. So good of her to come here from Puerto Rico - she was very concerned about the two hurricanes that were near the island.  This class was about rolled tatting.  Wally's rolled tatting looks perfect.

I am NOT good with rolled tatting yet.  This looks like ca-ca, not leaf parts.  Practice needs to be done.  And this is one place where larger threads seem to look better.  Hmm.  I'll work on this.

There was much on display in vending, including great silent auction items.  I bid on some and won a mini-bead spinner.  The auction items were to benefit the Tat Days scholarships.  Here's a sampling:

Theme leaves by Jane
A great bag with one of the tatted quilt blocks
A jewelry set by Martha
Nina'a lovely beaded work

A framed and autographed picture of Georgia's brother, Ice Road Trucker George Spears.
This phenomenal tatted collar.  I didn't write down who did it, and I could kick myself.

More tomorrow!


  1. Looks like you had a wonderful time! Wish I could have been there!

  2. Well you must have had a great time looking at all of those wonderful photos!!!!

  3. It sounds like you had a great time. Thanks for the lovely pictures and descriptions of the happenings there. I hope to make it next year!

  4. Such an interesting post - lovely to see all the people whose names I recognise! - but I have been remiss, a family wedding has been keeping me away from the computer, and I have been remiss in not thanking you for the Bad Kitten "porn" in your last post! He has such a gorgeous face!

  5. Was the tatted collar Hope Green? You know, with this "old-timers" sometimes I do not remember well. Jane Eb's leaves look lovely in that frame. A true work of art.
    Katharine B just phoned that I won some silent auction items, but not the Martha Ess jewelry (aw'shucks!). It is such a pretty set. Perhaps the winner does not want it and might decide to send it my way ('wink, wink', I wish!).
    Anyway, take good care and give bad kitten an ear rub from his auntie HJ.