Saturday, September 11, 2010

Natal event

Joyeux anniversaire à moi.

It is the day that my natal event is remembered. It turned to shit a few years ago, as we all know. There is an interesting article about those like me here.  I know now how my aunt must have felt - her birthday is December 7, Pearl Harbor Day.  It's tough when your birthday is The Day The World Changed.

I avoid news programs like the plague near this date.  Can't watch shows about the World Trade Center any more - too awful.  I live far from New York City, but The Event impacted all of us greatly.

Enough of that.

Part of my present for the day.  No, Moe didn't wrap Vader.  Vader volunteered, after I unwrapped a little present.  I laughed at the bad kitten.

BTW - DH asked me the other day what I wanted for my birthday.  Initially I requested Good Children and a winning lottery ticket, but since that wasn't feasible, I changed my request to fresh flowers and a cake.  So I got a new lunch bag and DVD of Dr Zhivago.  DH isn't good with requests.  Why does he ask?

More on me, back in the day....

The central baby is me on or about my original birthday. I was largest baby in the hospital nursery that week, at 9 lbs 12 oz.  My parents' first baby - and Mom had me natural.  Ow.  (Her OB was incompetent - I was due August 4.  Do the math.)

Here I am at my first birthday party.  Yes, I am a natural red head. I have to say, I was a pretty cute little urchin.  So why didn't my parents stop with me?  Oh yeah - they wanted a boy.  (Who finally came 8 years later after 2 more girls.)

And now, 53 years after the original event, I have my own urchins.  Here are the Stooges some years ago, being Junior Birdmen.  And I understand why my parents had more...  Though I'm done!  No chance of girls for me!

Hope your day is wonderful....


  1. Happy Birthday! Maybe you'll still get those flowers and cake! Never hurts to hope.

  2. Happy Birthday and MANY more of them in tat land.

  3. Happy birthday hun!

    Interestingly enough, I got married on pearl harbor day, and my cousin is getting married today.....

  4. Happy Birthday! Always remember there was a Sept.11 before the world changing event. It's your day enjoy!

  5. A very happy birthday to you, shame about the date, but it is still a special day for you. Gosh you were a big baby, your poor Mum! I gave birth to a 9 lb 10 0z baby it was an effort, thats all I am prepared to say!!!

  6. Happy Birthday!!!
    Vader must figure that he would be the best b'day present for you. Funny kitten.
    Your DH did well. Flowers die and cake adds pounds to all the wrong places. But just think that each time you take your lunch to work, you will think of DH who wanted you to carry your lunch fashionably. And when you curl up on the sofa and cry over Lara, you can cuddle up to him and get all gooey and lovey-dovey. Great presents!
    Happy Birthday. Joyeux Anniversaire. Feliz Cumpleanos.

  7. I have had some catching up to do, with your blog and with cute kitten pictures - but for some reason, today I can't see anything at all! My computer must be having one of it's hissy fits.

    Happy Birthday to you - it is still a special day for you to observe and to celebrate, and I think you should do so!

  8. Happy Birthday! Love the OLD picture!

    My cousin joins you on that day and my daughter has a bunch of addresses, and major events and milestones that begin with 9/11. You are not alone!

    The cat in wrapping - quintessential feline! Love it.
    Fox : )

  9. ♫ Bonne anniversaire a vous... ♫

    Thanks for sharing the peek back into the recent past to share your great photos!

    The photo of your three Birdmen is priceless! (And now the tune to Birdland is buzzing through my head.)

    Happy Happy day to you!

  10. Many happy returns! It should be declared International Pearl Awesomeness Day.

  11. Happy Belated's also favorite SIL's birthday, and she was 39 in 2001. So you can imagine how fun her 40th birthday was....not.

    I am also the oldest of three, with a sister and then the long awaited prince arriving 8 years later.