Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tuesday times

My birthday was quiet and pleasant. I stayed at home happily. DH came through and got me some flowers and a little cake.

Mmmmm. Chocolate. And a candle that played the birthday song....

DH received a lovely basket after his debate the other night.

I took a picture of it and Vader got in on the action.

And had to investigate some more.

He's so funny.

Am going through my Tat Days loot and winding up the pretty HDT I got from Karey Solomon.  Will show you soon.  But first, must finish some of my Tat Days UFOs....


  1. Do you know that those candles are magical?? - we had one, just the same, and after performing it's birthday duty, it was shoved out of sight on a shelf. And for no less than EIGHT years afterwards, whenever it was someone's birthday - and not even being pressed into service, since it had had it's moment in the limelight - whenever birthday candles were lit, it would suddenly spring into life and play it's tune.

    Bizarre - we put it down to the ghost of a favourite old uncle who used to love birthday parties!

  2. Happy Birthday!! I love quiet birthdays with loved ones. What a neat candle. Even more after reading Maureen's comment. Your cat is so adorable.

  3. I'm glad you had a good birthday! I've been very negligent with my blogging comments, etc....... That cake looks yummy!

  4. That's a REALLY lovely cake - very unusual and looks VERY yummy! I'm curious about the frosting. Also, is that a plate that came with it? It's perfect for The presentation.

    That was an interesting article about the Sept. 11 birthdays. Very sobering.

    Little Vader is just too cute - but isn't your other cat jealous of Vader's popularity?

  5. Truthfully, this is a grocery store cake! It was quite yummy. The gold it's sitting on is a cardboard plate - but it looks great, doesn't it?

    The other cats hate Vader and Love Me.

    I love Maureen's tale of the Magic Candle!