Sunday, September 26, 2010

On to other things

Conversation with Moe in my car, a hybrid:

Me: There is a surprising amount of room in trunk of my car, despite having that big battery there. I mean, you would fit back there.
Moe: I know.
Me: Do you want to try it out?
Moe: Sure!
Me: You'll need to bring a pillow.
Moe: Mom, there's a latch to open the trunk from the inside. I've seen it. It glows in the dark.
Me: Damn.


Moe and Larry have been making coffee cup chocolate cakes in the microwave, using this recipe. I've tasted it, and it isn't bad. Larry thinks it's the bomb. Great for snacks when you come home and feel peckish in the middle of the night.

I finished tatting Sharren's butterfly pin from my Tat Days class. The pattern has two nifty skills in it: pearl tatting without an extra central thread, and encapsulating the safety pin. It's done in Island Breeze Lizbeth size 20 with gold 10/0 beads. I'll do a better job on this pattern next time, may tat it in a smaller thread.

And I'm tatting something as a little diversion, Anne B's dragon wing doily using some HDT from Heather.  The HDT is very soft and is about a Perle 5. The colors are prettier and more muted than they appear here, more pinks and lavender that orange and gray. This will be about 6-7 inches across. A pretty little thing.

Vader is loving the laser pointer I picked up to give him some exercise, as if he needs it.  I can get him going hard for a while, until he's panting!


  1. Very cool butterfly!

    Love that cat!
    Fox : )

  2. I'm glad you're on to other things--like coaching your cat's work outs and eating chocolate goo! I'm praying for your peace of mind with your son--just caught up reading about that.