Monday, September 27, 2010

Misc. Monday

  • I found myself humming both the theme to "The Odd Couple" (Dah DUM de-dum da dumm) and the one to "The Jetsons" (Jane, his wife!) today. What does this mean?
  • The area underneath my cubicle desk is beginning to look like a good place for napping. I need a nap. I need a regular nap. I am exhausted after the Curly drama.
  • I have played entirely too much Mah Jong lately. I'm now playing it in my dreams. This is bad. I Must Stop.
  • Moe goes around the house saying "Bazinga!" a lot these days. We like The Big Bang Theory.

Moe has been showing off his chubby tummy, patting it and saying "Belly". So I decorated Belly.

The little doily is coming along, slowly.

Sometimes, Vader sleeps.  Not often, though.


  1. I am a Mah Jongg obsessive too! I have it on my Nintendo DS and do it in quiet moments at work, jumping guiltily when the boss appears.
    I am hoping the Curly thing will work out for the best, I feel for you, truly.

  2. i'm also doing the dragon doily, using size 10 lizbeth thread. it's nice to see some one else that uses magic thread to start and finnish. i hate sewing in ends. why oh why don't more use them it makes a better finnish to your work.

  3. Under my desk would be PERFECT for napping. No one would ever see me.
    Youngest has surgery scars where your Mr. Belly face is.
    I think it'd be funny to make them a face - Youngest? Not so much.