Sunday, October 3, 2010

Quiet weekend

We had a quiet time this weekend. No Curly means much less noise, less mess, less confusion. And less stress. We haven't heard much from Curly. He's in an OK apartment, so that's good. We heard that he got laid off from his job, due to the company not having enough work for him. I just hope he's job hunting.

I slept in some this weekend. And tatted a bit.

I finished Anne B's Dragon Wing Doily. It needs blocking, but it's otherwise done. It measures a touch under 6 inches across. This is done is some HDT that Heather sent me, which I don't think has a name. The thread is about a size 10, very soft.

Vader got in one thing (this is a small backpack)....

And another, all weekend.  I love how glossy his fur is getting.  He's so handsome! And still he jumps at everything, especially the other cats.

Next, I'll be tatting earrings and a medallion for a friend of Larry's.  Plus, Sharren and I are planning a tatting and antiquing girl's overnight soon in Toccoa, GA. We'll see Karrieann too, and there may be one or two other tatters joining us.  Sounds like fun, huh?

Alas, tomorrow is a work day.  I keep telling myself, Monday only happens once a week.  Thank heavens!

Tonight - watching Mad Men, a favorite of DH and I. Can't wait!


  1. Quiet weekends are to be treasured! I'm glad that Vader stayed at home with you - wasn't he supposed to be Curly's cat? he's beautiful!

  2. Can you BELIEVE Don and his secretary! I was so disappointed. But YAY Peggy! I thought that guy would come back and they'd get together again.
    Roger...oh Roger. Train wreck city.

  3. Vader is a cutie. Look at the fur. How do you feed Vader for such a glossy coat? Umi and Tsuru does the same, plastic bags, racquet bags, shopping bags.