Saturday, September 4, 2010

Tat Days 2010 - What happens at night

Part of the fun of Tat Days is after the classes end. There's food, fun, and fellowship, and a LOT of laughter.

Friday night we had our big banquet. Nummy food, lots of fun. Here's Hope from the Palmetto Tatters acknowledging folks. All the folks involved - Hope, Donna, Theresa, Lori, Bonnie, Karen (and I'm sure I've missed folks - sorry!) were absolutely wonderful.  They thought of everything!

On our tables at the banquet were neat decorations made by the Southern Belle Tatters, a group from Columbia, TN. These were all made of natural elements, We could all take at least one decoration - here's what I snagged.  The one on the right is actually a cute frog.  Aren't they neat?

The crowd really enjoyed the banquet.  Here is Sharren Morgan, with her wonderful and faithful husband David (AKA the best tatting sherpa).  And Sharren now has a blog!

We had entertainment at the banquet too.  Leps, look out!  You have a big cousin!  It's Connor, with his friend Veronica Moore.

After dinner we adjourned to the hall, but not before seeing some truly spectacular heat lightning.

I missed the Tat-off, which happened before the banquet.  I was tired.  But I got back in time to see the auction, held by the inimitable Georgia Seitz.  Here's Georgia reading a tribute to tatting spouses (AKA widowers).  Hee.

Then we got on to the business of the night - the fund raising auction of items, including the big quilt. Erin is holding one of the smaller quilts.  All are embellished with lovely tatting.

Here's another quilt, not the big one.  The winners were very lucky.  At some point in the bidding, Georgia starting getting VERY silly and offered to add an item to sweeten the pot - her husband's mustache.  We asked if shaving the mustache could be bid for, then I had Sue Hanson in stitches asking if there were other parts to shave.....

A lot of money was raised and all were happy.  Then - more tatting!  I was really, really beat, so I didn't participate.  Yawn.

The second night had tons of tatting too, but since I had to run off and deal with funeral items, I missed most of it.  And that was too bad - a good time was had.

Oh - and here's another shot of where we were.  You can see the dining hall through the trees there, next to Lake Louise.

BTW - there are great pictures from Tat Days here. I'm in one or two, but I'm not revealing which.

On the home front, the debate went great, we haven't killed Curly, and the kitten has recovered from his procedure.  So much so that he bit the heck out of me through my sheets this morning.



  1. Great photos, thanks for the link, I think that I see you once.
    Boy that Leprechaun is scary, Tadgh an Nollaig are in hiding!

  2. Tatskool beat me to it. Whew,.. scary doesn't half describe it!

    Maebh hasn't been seen around here since she got a peek.

    Last thing she said, before vanishing who knows where was," That is absolutely not natural."

    Thanks for the news!

    Fox : )

  3. Oh ha, ha, ha! Ciarrán was actually AT the banquet when Connor came out and had our whole table in stitches with his heckling. He called Connor "Gigantor."

    It's a good thing leps are so small. I don't think anyone else heard him.