Sunday, October 10, 2010

Fall critters, color, and creations

Fall is finally starting to show up here in Hotlanta. I love fall - it's my absolute favorite season. The cool, the colors, the gorgeous sky, the crispness in the morning, all make me feel great.  It's been very dry, so the leaves will not be pretty this year. I think most will go straight to brown. Dogwood are the first to turn, followed by maples.

Here's the little dogwood in our front yard.

And a maple a nearby.

I've been tatting, making some things at the request of Larry.

These are earrings for his friend K. My design, Lizbeth size 20.

And a pendant in Lizbeth size 40. This is a Jan Stawasz design.

Kitties are enjoying the cooler weather. Here's a heavy-lidded Cisco. He's so handsome.

And that bad Vader. He's been so mean to Sophie, jumping on her without mercy. We need to get a water pistol for him to let him know who's boss.

Now, need to start on Christmas snowflakes....


  1. That pendant is s absolutely beautiful. Love the black and crystal look.

    Your Vader makes me laugh every time!
    Fox : )

  2. Who is Sophie? - I don't think I know her......another kitten?
    What a wonderful son to ask his mother to make something for his friend - he must be very proud of you! That is very affirming.

  3. Love looking at tatting especially when it's as pretty as yours! Keep up the good work.....Susan