Monday, October 11, 2010

Misc. Monday

Ole Sol was in full view as I made my hike in to work today. No Columbus Day off for me.

I'm considering getting this item to make my way through the traffic. (I love the name.) I don't think it's street legal, though.

And I want to make the Joan paper dolls found here.  I wonder if there are Sally or Betty dress-up dolls too.

These things are kinda creepy - and weird.

Wish I could do this - pretty gutsy. And funny!

While this is funny, I hope a little more detail is taught in school.

Speaking of school,

Cisco is schooling Vader in better behavior.

And I caught this lovely view tonight over the local high school....



  1. Have you seen WWI on Facebook? It rocks. Seriously.
    And you need the landcruiser. Bah. Street legal? If you're driving THAT who cares???

  2. You really DO find amazing and amusing sites!

    I watch Mad Men basically to validate my memories of the clothes, hairdos, cars and office machines we had back then. I even have books and pamphlets from that time which outline the role of the secretary, which are almost as amusing as the 'spoofed' ones.

    My 'career' spanned 1962 to 1985 (with a brief two extra years from 1994-96). The '60s now seem like we were living on another planet!

    The show does show many things accurately, but the stories are, of course, a little jazzed up!

    Cisco is one handsome cat!