Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Joy in Tuesday Mail

I got home after a tough day at work and found some love in the mail.

First, a 12 yard sample of Sulky Blendables thread from Lace-Lovin' Librarian. Diane is such a sweetie! I look forward to using this - and the color is gorgeous!

And then I found a parcel with English markings on it. Who could it be from? Why, the delightful Jane Eberall, that's who! I'm crazy about Jane; she's a a lot of fun. And she's a brilliant tatter.

Here's what I got.
  • One of her famous roly-poly tatting bags, made by her own hands. Labeled, even. Kitties - squee!
  • A poke-proof pouch and matching bobbin holder.
  • A Shakespeare key ring, complete with his signature.
  • A great Shakespeare souvenir cloth showing major sites in Shakespeare country.
  • And... one of Jane's new patterns, a Flurry Heartache, tatted in some of Karey Solomon's HDT and presented in a pretty brass frame.

Oh so pretty.

I love the Shakespeare Country cloth.  Very cool.  When Moe saw it, he said, "I thought Shakespeare was from Austria." I replied, exasperated, "You're thinking of Mozart!"

Thank you, Diane and Jane! You made my day!


  1. I'm glad you like the thread. Isn't the color gorgeous? Let me know if you want to try some others!