Saturday, October 16, 2010

Fun with the girls

I am sad to report that, dispite our best intentions and terrific preparations, we did NO blinging of shuttles on our Girls' Night Away.


But a FABULOUS time was had by all on our trip to Toccoa, all of us being me, Sharren, her fun friend Catherine (a tatter and artist), and Karrieann. Woo-hoo, did we have a good time. To wit:

Wine was drunk and spinach dip was gobbled. Also chocolate and cashews were consumed, separately.

Speaking of chocolate, Sharren and Catherine bought us these lovely boxes, filled with yummy chocolate. (For you non-tatters, we are always looking for cool boxes to keep our ever-expanding pile of tatting stuff.) And, Karrieann sent us home with some lovely home-made violet jelly, made from, you guessed it, actual violets! Nom nom nom.

Here's Karriann, Sharron, and Catherine
We laughed and talked tatting and families and work and told a zillion funny stories. Here we are having supper at Toccoa's Cornerstone Restaurant. (I had the pecan-crusted trout.) We also cruised a local gallery in downtown Toccoa.

This little imp was at the next table - so cute!

Afterwards, we went back to the hotel and talked and giggled and laughed and hooted and tatted, until we started yawning. And then we realized it was 1 am, and well past our bedtime. So we crashed.

When we got up (and I confess, I was the last one up - I'm NOT a morning person), we stuffed ourselves on breakfast at the local Awful House. Then we went to this big ol' antique mall in search of treasure.

Here's what I found: a lovely little hanky to edge, a nifty Coats & Clark "How To" book, and this cool 1948 street guide to Hotlanta. (DH and Bubba pounced on the street guide when I got home, looking up businesses.) I tried to get a bag that contained some old silk Coats & Clark thread - on wooden spools! - but there was no price, and the owner could not be located to value it. Durn, wish I could have gotten the thread. I spent less than a Jackson ($20) total. Last of the big-time spenders.

Then we grabbed a soda, chatted & tatted a bit more, and went our own ways. DH and the Stooges were waiting on me, and I'm sure that everyone else had home things to attend to. I headed back to Hotlanta.

When I got home, I was beat. So I unpacked the car & crawled into bed for a nap with Vader, who purred happily as he lay with me. And DH had a supper of yummy chili and corn bread waiting for me when I woke up.

It was a great Girls' Night Away. I highly recommend it. And we plan to do this again!

I leave you with a uniquely Hotlanta view - the Georgia capitol, as seen from what's known as the downtown connector. The dome is gilded with Georgia gold - really!



  1. You've seen my mom more than I have in the past year....oh the miles......

  2. An enviable getaway! The nibbles and the conversation and the camaraderie...oh MY! Hugs to you and big thanks for sharing news of your Girls Night Out!

  3. It WAS fun! The chocolate was actually from both Catherine and me. We're all looking forward to next time!! Maybe we can plan a really long weekend - Thursday and Friday as well as Saturday - and have more time for fun!

  4. What a great gift to all involved! Keep smilin'

  5. Y'know, I'm glad you didn't tat. Good for you!

  6. I have my grandmother's Whitman's chocolate tin- I keep tatting shuttles in it :)