Thursday, October 28, 2010

Hot Stuff

Vader thinks he's hot stuff.

Too cool for words.

Stretched out, taking up lots of space. You have to step over him. He doesn't care. See how far he stretches out his back toes.

Vader wants to be like Cisco. But Cisco is a huge kitty. See how big his paws are next to my fat fingers. He is the real cool cat.

Cisco won't let Vader get near him. This is as close as they get together.When Vader made a move to go towards Cisco, the big boy stalked off. No upstart kid is going to intimidate him.

I'm still tatting 'flakes and bracelets. Moe has been home sick with strep throat. Which is a shame, because he just had a birthday (he turned 14 Monday) and wanted to have some fun with his friends. Now he feels crummy. But it's Halloween this weekend, and he'll have some fun with that.

The Stooges some years ago


  1. A whole Vader post, for the weekend! - thank you!
    I had a cat just like Cisco years ago - she lived until her 21st birthday. It was quite dignified, her exit - she celebrated on the actual day with the family, cake and all - she loved cake - and the next day she had simply vanished. Taken herself off to be alone. Cats do sense these things.
    May your Cisco have many years to come, fending off Vader.

  2. I miss our little Vanilla Ripple. She ruled our house for many years!
    Sorry Moe is sick. I hope he feels up to Halloweening this weekend.
    Happy late birthday to him.

  3. Gorgeous big fluffy balls of fur! LOL

  4. I love it when a cat takes over space like that. My mother in law has one like that--totally obnoxious in his old age!