Monday, November 1, 2010

The life of the candidate's wife

I'm still tatting bracelets and snowflakes, but I have nothing to show. Because I've been working and Halloweening and being The Candidate's Wife. I'm not very good at this last thing.

DH is finishing up his campaign for state office. Yesterday I went with him into Hotlanta for a big TV appearance. He participated in a debate that was broadcast statewide on a public television station. Moe and I went with him. We spent time in his designated green room after DH got his makeup on, then went down for the debate. While there, I ran into a number of candidates for major offices, including Lt. Governor and Governor. Ah, the life of the candidate's wife, hob-nobbing with the powerful.

DH's debate went well. Moe and I sat in the audience. (I wore a lovely gray sweater with a cream camisole & rose colored skirt, and pearls, of course.) There was a panel of questioners, all local journalists. DH did a good job stating his points. I did note that all three candidates were wearing almost identical dark suits and red ties, making them look like triplets, or undertakers. Heh.

Then we all got in the car and headed back to spook town, the neighborhood of Chez Crazy. It is a preferred neighborhood for all the local kids, they're practically bused in. Last year we got about 200 kids. It's crazy. Kids all over the roads, extra cars, even outside folks bringing in golf carts to ferry their little trick or treaters all over. We ran completely out of candy this year. And I'm glad that's over.

Today I had to go to a dumb seminar at the GA Dome. Tomorrow morning I vote, then go to work. And tomorrow night DH and I are going to his party's Election Night fete, where I have to be The Candidate's Wife again. I'll be good and smile and keep my fat mouth shut. I hope it doesn't run late.

And I'll be damn glad the election's over. Unless DH is in a run-off - oh, please no!


  1. Love the headline -- now I have the jingly phrase "Oh, the life of the candidate's wife" stuck in my head, hee, hee.

    You have done well throughout your DH's campaign! Best of luck tomorrow at the polls!

  2. Twinset and pearls, what fun!! - but the nibblies provided at these affairs are usually worth the effort. I remember with fondness a certain pink iced cake which always nade an appearance at the grand occasions I once attended in my youth.

  3. Good luck to him and just keep smiling.

  4. Good luck to your husband, even though I have a sneaking suspicion that he is not in my party! I guess it won't affect me since he's running for a GA state position. I don't know how you do it. I would really have trouble being sweet, nice, and keep my mouth shut, especially if his party wasn't the same as mine. I did get this part right, didn't I?

  5. I just read this post about your being overrun at Halloween! I know you won't be pleased to know that we only get about 10 kids each year, and we've been here 37 years. We always buy extra candy, though - just in case!! We did get a record 20 kids one year!

    We're off the beaten path, and there are other streets in the area that are the 'hot spots.' I have to go for a walk so I can at least see the cute costumes and the excitement of the little ones.

    We always have candy left over, which is NOT a good thing! We TRY to save it for guests for the Holidays, but aren't always successful!

  6. Oh how totally bizarre! Hubby ran for office too, so I was caught up in the candidate's wife thing as well (except I was busy staying home---LOL).

    So sorry he didn't win.