Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Bracelets, the election, and the Fox

I've cranking out bracelets, still using Martha's pattern from Palmetto Tat Days 2010.

Brown. navy, and black Lizbeth size 20.

The brown one, done with pearls and gold delicas. I think I may keep this one for me.

Yesterday was election day. I was soooo glad to get to this point - this has been a gross election. The candidates have been incredibly nasty and vile to each other, and the campaign ads have been relentless. DH did not win, in fact he came in a distant third. I knew this would be the case. So did he. But he ran a good clean campaign, no name calling, no lies, and he did his best. So I'm proud of him.

Last night DH, Moe, and I all went downtown Hotlanta to a big election night party in an old, locally famous hotel. Moe got bored early, so I suggested we go across the street to look at the outside of the Fox Theater.

I don't know if you've ever heard about the Fox, but it's one of the treasures of Hotlanta, and in the mid 1970's it was almost torn down to build an ugly concrete skyscraper. Fortunately, there was a big hue and cry and the building was saved and restored. Broadway casts love it because it's got terrific accoustics  The place is incredibly ornate. It's all various Eastern themes: Morrocan, Egyptian, Islamic, etc.

Here's the original ticket both. 

The outside lobby, where we headed, is about 50 yards deep.  No lie. See, they've parked cars inside like they do in malls. This view is looking towards the street.

As we went towards the back of the lobby, I spied some ushers. This is where me living in Hotlanta for many decades has paid off, because Hotlanta is really a big small town. And in small towns, you always run into people you know. Two of the ushers were friends from church, and Moe and I got to go into the theater and look around, in spite of the live musical on stage. Our friends gave Moe the grand tour - everything NOT part of the audience or the stage.

The Fox is loaded with neat stuff,. And the interior lobbies (yes, there are more than one) are huge and gorgeous. Cool big urns. This one is about 3.5 feet high.

Cool lamps. This was going up to the loge.

But one of the coolest things is - the restrooms. I am not kidding. Each of them has a different theme.

This is the ladies room downstairs. There were several of these stations available to powder your nose. I can smell the Moroccan spices.

Same ladies lounge. I was told this was made to look like a keyhole door.

A look into the men's lounge. I can see this as a smoking lounge, can't you?

On another floor, the lounges were all Egyptian themed. This chair was in one of the anterooms of the ladies lounge.

Here a mosaic above the doorway to the next room.

And the mirrored stations in that room. (The facilities were farther in.) There are gilded sphinxes on either side of the mirrors.

This lovely panel was in a ginormous elevator. The elevator was about 12 feet on each side.

And this is a ticket shredding machine at the original entrance. Out friends told us nifty facts, for example, the Fox was air conditioned before the White House. If you ever get to Hotlanta, go to the Fox and try to see a show. They have tours too!

Moe had blast exploring, and demanded that we go back soon and catch a show.  Which we will do. But we had other obligations, so we went back to our party and saw folks get silly waiting for election results to come in.

And then we all went home, exhausted. We didn't get to bed until way after midnight. And I'm durn happy it's all over...


  1. Please congratulate your DH from me and The Best Husband. It is admirable that your DH restrained from descending into the political smear-pit that so many other politicians could not resist.

  2. I'm sorry your husband didn't win, but if he didn't really expect to, I guess he wasn't too disappointed. That's a lot of work, though, going through a campaign like that not to win! Even if he was in the wrong party, I hate it for him.
    That theater reminds me of the Tennessee and the Bijou theaters in Knoxville. Beautiful!!!

  3. Maybe it's more peaceful than it would have been if your husband HAD won - think of all the upheaval!
    Fabulous theatre, I hope they never pull it down. The City Council here in Brisbane approved the knocking down of the last Art Deco theatre - for glass office blocks.

  4. Great post about the Fox theater. What a shame if it had been torn down - and kudos to those who saved it!!

    I admire those who run for office who truly want to serve the public, and who conduct honest campaigns. It's a tough loss, but some good may come of it down the road. I'm sure his integrity did not go unnoticed.

    Love the bracelets!!!

  5. Congratulations to DH and to you for your positive contributions to a very mud-slung, poo-flung monkey midterm election. Hold your heads high!

    Your bracelets are quite stunning! Extra credit to you for doing so many and not getting bored. Your gift recipients will love them!

    And *sigh* the Fox Theater. I simply must see it the next time I visit Hotlanta. Will you be so kind as to show me around?

    What a great post! Thanks for sharing so many details of your big night.

  6. I would LOVE to see that theater! It's like a museum!

  7. I wanted to add that I was listening to the radio last week and there was a sort of informal "study" of radio campaigns. They played several from all candidates. It was clear that the theme was "slam your opponent" and when they interviewed the people they asked to listen, not one liked the campaigns and most said they didn't pay attention to them. BUT - the announcer also noted that studies have shown that smear campaigns do sway the voting public. I think it's because they aren't informed to begin with and so they believe whatever they hear on the way to the polls. Not a very good reflection of our country that is "supposed" to be one of the best educated.

  8. What an amazing building! I'm glad people saved it.
    Oh, it breaks my heart that the clean running campaigns don't win.