Saturday, November 6, 2010

Likes and Dislikes

Some things I like.:

My kitties. Here is Cisco, lounging in my living room. He loooves me.

Good eats. Here's a mess of lightly breaded & fried pork chops I whomped up Thursday. I made some scratch gravy too. Mmm. Larry had third helpings.

Beauty. This is the little sugar maple in our front yard. I love fall so much.

Some things I dislike:

Idiots. DH and I got an ugly letter from our home owner's association mentioning landscape maintenance. We were confused. So we trimmed the shubbery and cleaned things up. And today we got a certified letter from the HOA griping about the maintenance again, no specifics mentioned. According to our post man, a ton of these letters were delivered today. So I sent a response saying until they tell us specifically what their issue is, we consider ourselves in compliance. I suspect the problem is a board member that wants to be all about hitting people for violations, a guy who wanted to be a cop but couldn't make it. This has happened before, and I expect it to blow over.

Commercialism of holidays. I can't believe how much Christmas crappe is already in the stores. It sorta ruins a lovely time, especially when we don't have much to spend. I'm making a lot of presents this year.

Tangled thread and UFOs. 'Nuff said.


  1. Consider yourself lucky. Your issue is with the home owner's association, not a relative; not your mother.

    Yesterday, my mom was raising Cain about the rules not being strictly followed in the laundry room in the complex in which she lives. Don't ask.

  2. I'd ignore the mass mailing, too. Total crap. Deal with the people in violation, idiots!
    And amen on the Christmas gripe. I'm with you 100%.