Monday, November 8, 2010

North, SC

I am crocheting a bit.

This will be a fingerless mitt. I thought I'd see how they make up. I may make some as Christmas presents, but this one is for me. (I'll remove the lovely blue crochet hook!)

The kitties all decided to behave for a moment. Sophie is white, Cisco is gray and white (and 20 lbs), and Vader is black and white and Bad. (But so cute.)

We may get to lay eyes on Curly tomorrow. He is homesick and has a couple of days off, so he is coming up here. We've told him that when we get up and go off to work, he'll need to leave too, at least until we get off of work. I hope he'll behave himself. I'll be glad to see him - I've missed him.

And now for something completely different...

There really is a North, SC. And I've been through Due West, SC many times. I've even been in Between, GA. And while I have many relatives who have a similar accent, they are a bit brighter. The accent is charming, though. (My accent, while Southern, is a cultured Atlanta accent - much less drawl. But I slip back into the Deep South accent when I go home and am with my people. Ya'll.)



  1. I just love Bill Cosby! He was at Purdue recently but I didn't get to see that performance. Saw him a few years ago though.

  2. Thank you SO much _ I haven't laughed so much in quite awhile LOL

  3. I do find the South so charming in this way...
    and your mitts are great!
    Enjoy Curly's visit!

  4. OK - I've picked myself back up off the floor from laughing so hard! (Hubby, too, enjoyed this!) Thanks so much for the clip! I had forgotten he had that show. I always enjoy hearing the Southern accent. This gal was a riot! Wonder if she ever got her tapes!

    Vader apparently thinks he is a rug! i've never seen a cat 'relax' the way he does. And Cisco looked VERY regal on the sofa in your last post. I like your pillows, too!

    If it weren't for the photos of ice and snow that you showed us this past winter, I'd wonder why you needed any kind of mittens! Actually, I was in Atlanta in January 1997, and it was 20 degrees!! The good news was there were no crowds at Stone Mountain!

  5. Just love the pictures of the trees, in fact scrolled down so fast to look at them, now going back to read the text!!! Thanks.

  6. Relaxing at home today - found this! Hilarious!
    Fox : 0