Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Brief update from travels

Moe and I visited my family on over the long weekend, going up to my mother's home in the mountains of North Carolina. All my siblings were there with their families.

There was feasting. (My brother brought back a Moomin set when he was living in Scandinavia.)

My brother's little girl was ooo-ed and ah-ed over. She was very amiable about being held by all, including me. I hadn't gotten to see her before, as she lives in Boston. Isn't she cute?

Spontaneous dancing broke out. (Mom is wearing a pair of my fingerless mitts, which she seems to like very much.)

I enjoyed visiting with all - I don't get to see my family often enough. My oldest neice is excitedly preparing to go on a semester abroad in Senegal, and we are waiting the graduation of her brother from a southern institution of higher learning. The next neice (another family) is trying to deal with being in high school and the joys of growing up. Moe and his youngest male cousin played a lot of foozball and video games. And the baby cooed and laughed. No fighting, no biting. A good time was had by all.

I came back to Hotlanta and had to deal with more Curly issues. (Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose.) Curly not only has roommate issues, he has now broken up with his girlfriend - which was his whole reason for wanting to live in the town he's in. So he's coming back to Crazy Town and may be living in his car in my driveway for a while. I've found an appropriate garage apartment for him, if he can find a job and have sense enough to take my help. But he can't live here at Chez Crazy.  I may be The Crazy Mom, but I'm not THAT nuts.

So I texted Curly last night - when was he coming our way? I've moved out of my apartment, he wrote. Where to? I'm in my girlfriend's dorm room. What?!? I thought you broke up with her, I replied. We're trying to have a good goodbye, he sent.

Makes no sense, but who knows what goes on in the mind of an un-medicated 18 year old bi-polar male. If he's more local, I can help him better - if he will let me.

We shall see. And now, back to snowflake tatting.....


  1. Life is never dull, eh? Sorry to hear of Curly's latest Hard Knocks. The Moomins and spontaneous rave are great!

  2. Look at your people DANCING! What a great holiday you enjoyed!
    Ah, Curly sounds like he'll be okay--they won't let him stay in the dorms for very long I bet, which will force his hand.