Friday, November 26, 2010

Post Turkey

We had a nice Thanksgiving at chez Crazy. The Stooges love Thanksgiving - they start salivating at the thought of it long about Halloween. So I cooked. Here's some highlights.

Sweet potato casserole was fixed.

And dressing. (Southerners do not have stuffing. Dressing is delicious.)

And giblet gravy. Lots of gravy. You can't have too much gravy. And gravy is over rice at our house. I'm from South Carolina, and true South Carolinians eat rice where most folks eat mashed potatoes. (Rice was grown on plantations in SC. I have a special stove top rice cooker.)

I cooked a 24 lb turkey.MMMMMMM

And then the food was gobbled. Inhaled, in fact. I blinked my eyes and Larry's overloaded plate was about licked clean.  My company came, an old friend who lives alone. He told me "I'm coming for the gravy." After he had 4 helpings (including gravy each time), he went out to his car and brought in his own Tupperware to take home leftovers.Hee.

All the Stooges were there, including Curly. I bought him a lot of groceries, filled up his car's gas tank, and put minutes on his phone. Curly is having roommate issues and going to have to move out right before Christmas. There's some panic on his part about this - he doesn't know quite what to do. I have found him some potential apartments for him, very cheap, but it is his job to make this work. *sigh*

Larry likes to eat some disgusting things. This is a pickled boiled egg he ate while I was preparing our meal. He popped it in his mouth and ate it whole. Ew.

After we ate, we all laid around and sort of moaned, stupid with food. Vader assisted us in relaxing.

That night, Moe and I went over the river and through the woods to Mom's place. This was my view this morning from my bed. More on that later...


  1. I'm envious of your leftovers!

    Maybe not the egg...

  2. I hope Vader got his share of the turkey too?
    Do you cook TWO turkeys, for Thanksgiving and then Christmas?That's a lot of cooking in just a few weeks!
    I could come and live in South Carolina, I love rice.

  3. Relaxing...something that cats know how to do better than anybody else!

    Larry's pickled egg...double EUWWWW!

    Gravy over rice...yummmm. I would also have gravy over the dressing, and gravy over the turkey. I agree, you just can't have too much gravy!

  4. Your dressing looked really good. Sounds like you had a good day.

  5. Your Thanksgiving celebration sounds wonderful! When we "northerners" speak of dressing at Thanksgiving it means tying kitchen twine around the legs of the bird before roasting. I have always thought the Southern term was more romantic. (If I call stuffing "dressing" by mistake in front of my mother, she gets confused!)

  6. You had me at the sweet potatoes with marshmallows.