Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas in Hotlanta

Santa provided us with a big surprise here in Hotlanta - snow!

It started snowing on Christmas Day at about 10:30 am, and snowed on and off all day.

By evening there was 2 inches of snow on DH's car. It was the first measurable Christmas snow in Hotlanta since 1882, when they got 1/3 of an inch. For those with math issues, that was 128 years ago. No one living has ever seen a White Christmas before in Hotlanta.

It was lovely.

The cats stuck their noses out the door and came straight back in. This was a typical cat pose, courtesy of Cisco.

Vader got really excited about a catnip toy. He loved all the Christmas mess.

I have now crocheted 7 sets of these fingerless mitts for folks, and may do more. I made 2 sets for Mom and she loves them. Who would have thought she would like these? This pair is for my sister in Charleston.

I hope your holiday was good....


  1. A truly historic picture! The second photo could have been taken on our street today, up here in Pittsburgh. Yes, snow is lovely, for a week or so, and for the holidy mood. But come January I want to have what Atlanta usually has - mild weather and no snow!

    However, I believe last year you had a lot of ice! In 1997 we visited Atlanta in January and it was 20 degrees - but sunny!! Enjoyed our visit, except for those 8-lane freeways!

    Don't tell Vader, but I think Cisco is one gorgeous cat!!! He's so Regal! I do love hearing about Vader's antics, though!

  2. I'm glad Vader seems to be keeping warm and enjoyiing his Christmas! We have floods - rain ad nauseam, everything is mouldy and damp inside. We are not flooded ourselves, but much of Queensland is underwater. Horrible.

  3. Wow! How pretty! But I bet it's also a huge pain in the butt, all that snow.
    Great mitts.