Thursday, December 30, 2010

Man, I'm tired

DH and I are on vacation this week. And it's basically a staycation - we've got no money. So what have we been doing?

Tuesday - It occurred to me that my home office was in serious need of cleaning, especially since it's become the house dumping ground for stuff. I have several hobbies which clutter it (tatting, sewing, yarn things, genealogy, pottery, Pez collection, not to mention all my computer stuff) and school stuff gets put here too. The room isn't big, about 9' x 14' with a walk-in closet, but it has a great double-wide window and view of the woods. My mother always says that when the urge to clean comes, you should take advantage, because that urge doesn't come often or voluntarily in our family. So I went with the urge.

I had started purging big time when Moe mentioned that he'd always wanted this room. Why? His room, while bigger, is always a giant mess, and his reasoning was this: a smaller room = less room to clean up. Remember, this is a 14 year old we're dealing with. So we agreed to swap rooms, and the rest of Tuesday was spent purging my office of everything and beginning to move Moe in.

 You name it, it's on the desk.

See? Now much of my office is in the play room. For now. And my boxes are in another room, stacked sky high.

Wednesday - My sister from Charleston and I decided to have a lunch meet-up. Charleston is about 360 miles from Chez Crazy, so we had to find a central location. As most of the space between here and Charleston is a cultural wasteland devoid of much beyond Mickie D's and cotton fields, we met in Augusta. It's about dead center but still a hefty drive. Moe and a grumpy Curly joined me. Sis and I met in a cute cafe and had a nice visit. The lunch items were very good, but they have these cakes that look like something out of Dr. Seuss. Which we refrained from eating. I'm practically vibrating from sugar overload this holiday season.

 Honestly, the cakes were a good 10" tall and 6-8 layers.

 After we ate, we walked over to the Riverwalk section and tromped around a bit. This is a really pretty section area, and I wish there was something like it in Hotlanta. The Savannah River runs right by Augusta, and there's a nice amphitheater which Moe explored.

After we returned, Moe continued cleaning. With a rake and a shovel - I wish I was kidding. Really, to get the ankle deep crappé out of his floor, Moe scraping it together with a rake and scooping it up with a giant shovel. I didn't know we had such a shovel. It looks like the kind of shovel the circus uses for getting up elephant poo. He kept shoveling the crap into bags, filling up about 6 trash bags with junk. Ugh. And the dust in the house is killing me....

Thursday. Today. Sigh. DH and I got up at the crack of dawn and headed to his dermatologist's office to get a skin cancer cut off his forehead via Mohs surgery.  He's had this done before and should have done this earlier, but he was campaigning and didn't want to be in front of cameras with giant bandages and bloody places on his face. Years ago, DH had a huge skin cancer removed from his right cheek (misdiagnosed by 3 doctors for years) and had to have reconstructive surgery. This wasn't as awful, but still pretty big. Our very excellent doctor cut off a place about the size of a quarter out of the middle of DH's forehead, and sewed it up with some 30 stitches. It'll be a T-shaped scar and will blend with DH's lines.

The procedure took all morning, so I brought my tatting to amuse myself. I started on Angels In The Snow, using metallic Altin Basak. I found that this thread is a bit touchy to work with - the glittery part will break easily. Plus, I was antsy waiting, and I spent time talking to other patients in the waiting room. (I make friends easily.) We were there from 7:30 until noon, a long morning. I'll finish this later.

This afternoon we spent vacuuming Moe's old room and trying to figure out how to get my desk into it. Taking the door off will be part of the deal. The room is sorta plain and needs work. And paint.

While DH napped, I went to Home Depot this afternoon and picked out paint. Something soothing and restful, yet cheery. Whadaya think? I think this will end up being my much needed craft/tatting/sewing/office space. All for me. Mine, mine, mine.

BTW, Moe loves his new space.

I hope your days are productive. And now - I need to rest.


  1. Good gracious! Your room-swap turned into quite a project, but how great that you saw it through. (The next time such a reorganizing surge strikes, come visit my Closet of Doom.) Can't help but wonder how long it will be before the smaller room theory goes by the wayside?

    Looking forward to seeing more Angels in the Snow worked in Altan Basak. That is, if the fiddley metallic filament doesn't do you in. What you have worked so far looks marvelous!

  2. Geez, Louise Girl! Wherever did you find the energy?

  3. Wow! I want to clean a closet. You took on a whole room!
    I actually envy that you have a whole room...*sigh*

  4. Hoo boy--what is with those room projects--they always end up "super-sized."

  5. I'm new to tatting, and am looking at every tatting-related website I can find when I stumbled upon yours. So here's a question- I see in one of the pics in this post that you know how to tat with two shuttles...
    Can you give me some tips/pointers/any help whatsoever?
    Many thanks, and best of luck in ALL your many projects! Can't wait to see what's coming up next!