Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Things I have learned

Miscellaneous things learned after my Christmas holiday...

  • If you leave oatmeal in a cup at work for a few 10 days, it becomes something for the Bio-Hazard Disposal crew to deal with. Ew. I cleaned my spoon and mug in scalding water, then filled the mug with water and nuked it until I got a rolling boil in the cup. Die slimy green stuff, die.

  • Mint M&M's are really, really good. Especially when they are marked down to $0.75 a bag. Nom nom nom.
  • Note - I didn't say they were good for me. I spent yesterday morning at the dentist (soon to come: another root canal!), and I made an appointment with my internist to Try And Do Better.
  • Sometimes bumper stickers are a really good thing. Or maybe I'm just lucky. I got pulled over by the state patrol on I-20 heading to Augusta when I blitzed pass 2 cops. "You were doing 74 in a 55 zone - I'll bring it down to 70" said the nice cop. "Thank you - I've never had a speeding ticket!" I said sadly. This is true - I've never ever had a moving violation. (DH says I'm just lucky, as my lead foot is well know in the family.) After a bit, the cop (a cheery young African American woman) came back to the car and said, "God is good! I gave you a warning. And I like your bumper stickers." "God is good! Thank you!" I gulped and happily signed my warning citation. And I didn't approach 74 mph for a good 15 miles, until well outside the I-285 perimeter. Whew!
  • Do not trust your husband to put away fragile Christmas ornaments. You know, you'd think I would remember this, as it's a problem every year. I guess it's 'cause DH starts putting things away before I think to, and when someone tells me it's all done and everything is complete & ready to be put in the attic, I want to believe them. *Sigh*  I had to re-pack everything (and find a ton of things left scattered). So there was Shouting and Something Of A Scene. You understand, don't you?
  • Curly is not trustworthy around money or anything, including un-opened gift cards addressed to other people. I knew this, but I slipped. And I won't again. I hope.
  • Cleaning makes me sneeze, because of the dust created (because I hadn't cleaned in a long time). This is a reason for me not to clean certain rooms for a while. Pardon me while I blow my nose.
  • Netflix on our new Wii is very addictive. I've been catching up on a number of Doc Martin episodes. So much fun!
  • Finally - going back to work isn't any better than you thought it might be. Because it's still Work and Not Fun.  A brother in law says of Work, "If it wasn't shit, they wouldn't pay you." True that.
 Have you learned anything of value recently?


  1. What have I learned? Hum???????
    I have learned that even when you think you are doing ok, something, some little thing, will remind you of your mother who died a couple of months ago, and you will just start crying with no warning!!! I am so trying to control this to no avail.
    I've also learned that when you move into a house, you should not leave anything in boxes in the basement and not look at them for 8 years! You should not let your children store things at your house. You should not be the one whose house is the dumping ground for everyone else's things, including your mom's.

  2. We love Doc Martin here, too. I need to get season 4.
    Lucky you for the speeding warning!
    And oatmeal--there is no detatching it once it dries.

  3. All I have to say is where did you find not one but TWO nice cops! And how on earth did you get lucky enough to get off with a warning? I got a ticket for going about that much over the speed limit in Atlanta and it took a couple of years to pay for it . . . and the judge was really not nice!!

  4. You're making me re-think my "I Closed Wolski's" bumper sticker.