Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Cats and Snow Days

We are still having snow days. (Freezing rain on snow, combined with days of freezing temps makes for impassable roads.) I'm working from home, sort of. Moe is enjoying the freedom of no school. And the cats find their own way to enjoy a snow day.

Some cats like to view the snow. Here is Sophie checking out the snow at dusk.

Some cats - well, they do other things. Vader has been enjoying my tatting chair while I work .

He's been enjoying the chair in other ways too.

He is bad! But we love him...


  1. Good to see that he has moved into his new room, which, of course, was redecorated just for him!!
    What a relief it must be that he has put to rest any worries you may have had about possibly having chosen the wrong fabric for his chair......

  2. Cats are so entertaining....

  3. ...and they ALWAYS know which is the most comfortable chair in the room, and hog it!

  4. They are just adorable! It has been raining here a lot too making temperatures a little cooler at 29 degrees C but it is still damp and humid.

  5. Hi! Found you from Green Girl in Wisconsin!
    * : )
    I used to own a loom, can weave off-loom and make baskets too ~ always loved the elegance and delicacy of tatting!!

    But I will confess I thought you might be talking about tattoos over here! *heehee!

    I also love CATS & so have "cats - tats" at my blog ~ make yourself at home clicking in the subject cloud or just scroll around!

    Your space is beautiful!
    ~ hope505

  6. that cat seems to have taken over your chair! You are very kind not to shove him to the floor;)

  7. Looks like y'all are weathering the snow with grace and patience. Follow your felines' leads and enjoy the slower pace.

    Vader reminds me of a cat that shared my apartment when I had a roommate. His name was Harry and he loved to stretch and sprawl, like Vader does on your tatting chair.
    Does Vader chase light beams from laser pointers?

  8. Now that's relaxed! When the kitty stretches and shows the belly, that's relaxation.

  9. Pippa, our bengal, is a bed hog, chair hog and like most kitties ~ everything relates to HER. She will pester anyone sitting in the cuddle chair until they are driven away; and she has the chair all to herself. Then she knocks over a small pillow and lays upon that. Cats are very entertaining. Pippa is the first house cat I’ve ever had; and, it is a whole new world. LOL I told the vet assistant, “Ask me anything about dogs, and I can answer ~ cats; I no very little about cats but I am learning.” Pippa likes to watch the deer from my bedroom window (it’s large because the view is fantastic) and the birds in the very near pine tree.
    If I’d known cats were so enjoyable, I’d have had one years ago!
    We too, have live-in guests. Granddaughter and Hubby of 14 months; but, they are moving out in July (Granddaughter has been here 6 years). I’ll be glad to see them establish their own home and with a new baby, too. Baby is due in June. Be very nice to have privacy with DH, Pippa and myself! LOL
    Gotta love ‘em...but!
    Happy Tatting, BJ