Thursday, January 20, 2011

Snow free and TIAS

I am happy to report that Hotlanta is back to its normal winter self, that the roads and lawns are free of snow, children are back in school, and I am back at work. The State School Board gods have blessed Moe and his ilk by allowing them NOT to have to make up 4 of their 5 snow days. Moe rejoices.

I have been doing Jane's TIAS. TIAS, for you non-tatters, is Tat It And See, a little game where Jane gives pattern instructions in bits and pieces, and we follow along, trying to guess what the end product will be. It's kind of fun, and Jane always teaches us a new technique as part of the game.

This is after 3 days. The threads are navy and pearly gray Lizbeth. My guess - a submarine. Or maybe part of a coat, the sticky-up part being an arm. The long picots below are to have beads on them. What do you think?

In other news, Saturday morning Moe is interviewing for the IB school. I hope, hope, hope he gets in. He should do fine in the interview - he's outgoing and charming, and deals with adults very well. Cross your fingers.

Curly news. Believe it or not, Curly is currently staying at our house, under strict orders to behave. Why? Because 1) his car is not working, in the shop with some major issues, 2) he is jobless and therefore has no money, 3) he has no place to stay (I found that he had sometimes been sleeping in his car in Walmart parking lots), and 4) it's winter, and I can't have my kid be really and truly homeless in winter. I mean, it's been deadly cold here! We've told him we will help him with the car expenses IF he can behave and follow the rules. He seems contrite so far, so we shall see.

I'm trying to be hopeful about all things. DH is in Florida all this week for work, so my kitties have been snuggling with me. And I'm cheered by many things, like this gorgeous sky seen as I drove in. God is good...



  1. I'm glad your weather is back to normal. Our snow just went away a day ago, and now we have more. This time it is only a dusting, though. It is so cold. I'm happy though. I love winter, but then I don't have to get out and drive in the snow and ice.
    I think you are making a cross.
    Good luck to Moe.
    Good luck to you with Curly in your home.

  2. Go Moe!
    Good luck, Curly! I hope he hit his "bottom" and is ready to work his way back up.