Saturday, January 22, 2011


Overheard this morning while DH was having a fit, as none of the Stooges would own up to making any of the many messes he found.

DH: No one ever is the one who makes the mess! Who does this? Is it elves? That's it, it's always elves who make the messes! I tell you what, if you ever see any elves, just kill 'em! Bastards!

Moe: Huh?

DH: I know what I can do, I'll just make some damn elf traps. Otherwise we'll be overrun in filth. Damn elves.


  1. OK, got the gist of this. One question. When DH has made his elf trap can you ask him to make me one? There are only two of us in this house but we've got elves. Oh, tell him to Paypal me with the cost and shipping!

  2. I've definitely got elves...there's always a mess and I don't remember making it! Do you think cats catch elves?

  3. Oh, yah! I can just hear the tone of his voice! You captured the moment!
    Fox : )

  4. Please don't let Vader be caught in an elf-trap - and tell DH to make sure it's a humane trap, you never know when you may need an elf in your life, it's best not to upset them!

  5. I don't think it's elves - they're mischevous, but not all that messy nor destructive. I'd say it's gremlins (I only know this b/c we're overrun with them). Gremlins are destructive little &%$#(, every one of them!