Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ten Lights

Jen tagged me for this meme - ten things that amuse you or make you happy. I haven't done a meme in a while, so here goes! Things that make me happy these days:

1. Snow days.

We don't get much snow here in Hotlanta, so this is a novelty. And I love the starkness that the black and white shows. If only I didn't have to work from home...

2. Having DH tell my how good the pork chops and gravy I whomped up for supper were. It's nice to satisfy one's family.

3. Lovely sky. This was sunset going home one day last week. Glorious - God's hand at work.

4. The lovely softness of a kitty who loves you. Cisco is my Big Boy - and he does love me.

5. Listening to my children giggle. There is nothing that warms a mother's heart more than listening to her boys laugh together, especially since they're all about grown now. And it's infectious - I have to laugh too.

6. How silly Vader is. He's always laying on his tummy with his legs stretched ALL the way out. Here he is lounging in the foyer today. He always makes me laugh!

7. Fourteen year old Moe still wanting big hugs and saying "I love you, Mom." Aw. He's such a sweet, funny kid. And he likes to hang out with me too!

8. Looking out the window of my new office. I love my new space, the room is so pleasant and orderly. That's Moe taking a break from shoveling the driveway. And if you look to the left, that hanging heart is one tatted for me by Jane.

9. My friends, both near and far. I feel really fortunate to have many people who care for me - and I care for them a great deal.  They cheer me up in unexpected ways, like Sharren who called me early this morning on my snow day. What a treat!

10. Laughing at DH and Moe just now - DH dared Moe to walk up the driveway and across the icy street, saying it was too icy to cross. It's after 11 pm, and both are in their pajamas. And Moe trotted across to the neighbor's yard gingerly, his bathroom open and showing his shirtless chest. Fortunately, he was able to make it back inside without falling. My guys are so funny!

So - I'm passing this meme on to some other folks, and I'll be watching for what they say. Green Girl  in Wisconsin, Blackbird, Isdihara, Abnormally Normal, Karrieann, and Sharren - it's your turn for a meme! What little things make you happy these days? Tag, you're it!

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  1. Oh, I COULD just retitle today's post, couldn't I? But I won't.
    Your list made me happy, too.