Sunday, January 9, 2011

A Room of One's Own

If you will recall, I have been moving furniture and painting and cleaning. Remember this?

I've made serious forward progress. I've now moved my office into Moe's old bedroom. (FYI - he loves being in his new-to-him room.) Want to see?


The room is painted and furniture moved in (I love the paint color). And it looks very good. Not all my Pez are unpacked, but I need new display stands to do that. I've taken advantage of the large closet to use as tatting/crafting storage. Oh- please ignore the messy piles of paper on the lower bookshelf shelves - they are mostly genealogy paperwork that I need to sort through.

My desk is set up - I'm typing at it now. Vader and the other cats like my room. They are very excited about all of the mess made and the cleanup afterwards. Moe's sitting in my chair, watching a movie. Yes, I have entertainment in my room.

A thrift store lamp looks nice on my desk. I find thrifting to be really fun - I think I have a good eye. The lamp base was a whopping $3.73; the shade I found at Target cheaply.

And finally - my tatting corner. This chair and ottoman were in my bedroom, being mostly used as a resting place for clothing. In fact, the lamp, paint, and a DSL connection were the only things I had to buy to get this room set up. The chair is super comfy, and that's my good Ottlight beside it. I may find a little side table via Craig's list to add to my corner, but otherwise the room is complete.

I'm a happy camper! I can tat in peace and happiness!

And Moe is a happy camper right now, as it is snowing fiercely. Three to five inches are predicted. School is already canceled for tomorrow.

I guess I've got time to tat tomorrow...


  1. Your room looks very inviting and cozy...happy tatting!

  2. Well done!!! That tatting corner looks so inviting that I would be tempted to get cozy and stay. Love the paint color!

  3. Ooo ...I love your tatting corner. The chair with the ottoman looks so comfoertable, I can sit there forever, i.e if I can find someone to do all my bidding, he he he ..

  4. Your room looks great! Good job on it -- and enjoy yourself on Monday! We don't know yet if we're working or closed - or if we'll go to work and close early! >sigh<

  5. Love the look of the whole room. I wish I had a room like that. Ours are so full there is no quiet place to go.

  6. A cat, a comfy chair and a roly poly tat-bag on the desk - perfect!!

  7. Well, doesn't that 'ol Vader look comfortable keeping an eye on things on your new spiffy room! It looks wonderful and cozy and inviting!

    The lamp, funnily enough, has a shade just like The Lamp that I posted a pic of just yesterday on tat-ology!

    You can plop motifs on and off at will and get to see them as you walk past. Then whip them off if you get tired of them. I find it a great way to display my tatting to ME!

    Fox : )

  8. That looks like the best tatting room EVAH!

  9. Your room looks great. I am sure you will get lots of tatting done in such a cozy space.

  10. As envious as I am of this 'dream room', I am SO delighted for you! You deserve it!! You KNOW that Vader will think it's HIS room! And I have a feeling Cisco is going to take over your lounge chair!!

    It had to be a lot of work to get the desk in there, and to get everything hooked up. And you and my neighbor seem to love to paint!

    Do you seriously think that's a 'mess' on the floor? Good thing you can't see MY craft room!!

    Believe it or not, we found a couple of Stiffel lamps at the thrift stores! - not to mention an incredible huge buffet which fit perfectly in my craft room and in which I store most of my craft supplies. Love to browse in those stores - and to donate our own 'stuff' to them.

    Can't believe you're getting that much snow! I have friends in Atlanta, and I'm sure they're not happy!