Thursday, January 27, 2011

TIAS and other things

What have I been doing? I have been tatting a bit.

Here's the results through Day 5 of TIAS. I obviously picked beads way to small for aeroplane windows. Because this is obviously the back end of an airplane.

I've been crocheting baskets. This one is for an old college buddy of mine. I like these and may make a bunch more.

Saturday, I took Moe to his interview for the IB program. He seems to think it went well, and he enjoyed meeting all the friendly current students. We won't hear from the program until March. Keep your fingers crossed!

I've been very busy at work. Fortunately, the weather has been a bit better here in Hotlanta than in other places, so my drive in is not horrendous.

This lovely sky greated me this morning before I got on the interstate. What have you been up to?


  1. That crocheted bowl is great!
    Best wishes for Moe!
    That sky is gorgeous!

  2. Not an aeroplane - it has to be a rabbit, I decided that before Day 1 was I am tatting a rabbit! (maybe a fierce bad rabbit with teeth).
    What have I been up to this week? - planning, shopping for and preparing a birthday party for our youngest son who was away in the Far North on his last birthday - lovely to have him back in town for a while. Family gatherings are wonderful, but also a LOT of work, so today I am doing.....nothing at all.

  3. Hopeful for Moe!
    And your basket turned out so cute AGAIN!

  4. Wow, so your crocheted baskets fit in the palm of your hand? I thought it would be bigger.

    The solid blue one pictured in your Sunday (January 23rd) post seems bigger, but I am assuming because of the number of thread balls that it is holding.

  5. Crazy Mom, I can't wait to get that lovely basket. I know exactly what I'm going to use it for!

    Thanks so much!