Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The comfy chair & progress on TIAS

It's not just Vader who enjoys my comfy tatting chair.

Cisco is trying to claim the spot too. He looks pretty good there too. He's looking at me with kitty love and curling his paw in happiness. Purrrrrr

I made another little basket, an oval one this time. I'm using it to keep remotes in our family room. (We've got a buncha remotes - who doesn't?) These baskets are so much fun!

The minivan that we gave Curly has finally bought the farm. (An aside: I loved watching "A Boy And His Dog" years ago and hearing Jason Robards flatly sentence people to "The Farm.") The van's transmission is kaput and it's not worth fixing. Damn. So we are looking at what we might do next, and how to dispose of the carcass in the most economical fashion. Curly still is unemployed and has been job hunting on the moped, something he despises. Plus. it's kinda cold to be riding it - winter, remember? We may be able to purchase a used vehicle from a relative. We don't have much cash to spend, so Curly may be stuck with the moped for a while. He has been behaving better though. And Saturday he asked me to make him an appointment with his psychiatrist so that he can go back on his medication. Miracle of miracles! Praise God from whom all blessings flow.

I don't expect we're done with the Curly drama, but he does seem to be making some forward progress. I'm eternally grateful for anything positive.

On another note, my blogger friend Melissa has written a lovely blog post on prayer. She talks about it in conjunction with changes in the regimen for her young son, Mr T, who has a form of epilepsy. Check it out here; she speaks the truth.

And I'm still working on the TIAS. Here's result for days 6 & 7, tatted today at lunch. Is it a lizard with funky toes? A type of gecko? I don't think it's an aeroplane any more.



  1. I KNEW Cisco would end up there! A lovely lounge chair in a lovely room with his favorite person! Why not?
    I'm so glad you have this 'retreat'.

    I'm glad to hear the updates on Curly. You could write a book. Maybe someday he'll write one about his journey when he realizes how lucky he is to have such amazing parents.

    As for the TIAS, many at first thought it was an airplane, but I didn't (I thought it was a turtle). Now everyone thinks it ISN'T an airplane, and I do !!! I'm not doing the TIAS but I'm having fun guessing! Knowing Jane it will be something very clever!

  2. Kathy:

    You are too kind in your comments about us as parents. We're just doing the best we can, pretty much what everyone else does! This much I'll say about Curly - he ends most of his phone conversations with "Love you, Mom." He's got issues, but he's a sweet guy.

  3. I'll be praying that Curly finds a job soon and that you will be able to find a safe but inexpensive vehicle for him to drive.
    We're taking my father-in-law to Atlanta on Sun. to visit with his two sisters who live there, and to celebrate his 82nd birthday.

  4. Such fabulous news about Curly! That's a solid start!
    So no "swagger wagon" for you anytime soon? I shudder to think of expensive car repairs--my Momvan didn't start this morning and I got kind of nervous.
    Your link is kind.
    Still pink puffy heart your baskets.

  5. The crocheted baskets are super cute!
    I hope good news continues with Curly.