Friday, February 4, 2011

Royal Fail goes west

After our friend Lady Shuttle Maker had her darling baby Picadilly, I was looking forward to see when she would get some of her production back and running. Why? Because for the longest time, I've wanted one of her terrific hook pens. I've bent a ton of crochet hooks hauling around my junk in my purse, and a hook pen would be just prefect. So, I ordered a hook pin for me.

I ordered this one, a size 14. Pretty. And some HDT too, some Kopper Patina, in size 20. Then I sat and waited for delivery. After a bit, my order came.

Yes, my order came, but not in any shape you might expect this to come in. (Yes, I deleted the address from the picture.) Sherry had clearly marked the letter Non Machinable. And the smart people at the US Postal Service had clearly ignored the warning! The letter arrived all wrinkled and with that big rip at bottom - you could see the HDT out of the hole before the envelope was opened.

Ew. A big rip.
After reading Jane's stories about mail in the UK, I'm wondering if some of the Royal Fail folks decided to swap jobs with our US Postal workers. Or maybe emigrate? This mailing issue was not the fault of dear Lady Shuttle Maker - she did her part. My HDT is fine. And fortunately, while my hook pin arrived open and with the hook bent, I was able to bend things back into shape and it works fine. Whew!

But what the heck happened at the Post Oriface? Are they just a bunch of doofuses who can't read? Jeez!

In other news, Curly is doing a bit better. He still has no job, but he has now been to both his therapist and his psychiatrist, and he got new prescriptions, which he promptly took. So far, so good.

The van carcass is gone. We've had a mini-van in our house since 1989, so this is a big change for us. No mom-mobile any more. Oh well, life changes.

And tomorrow, my mom is coming over for the day. She's spending the winter in a condo on the other side of Hotlanta, so we have more opportunities to visit. Mom hasn't seen my new office yet, and I'm looking forward to showing it off. She encouraged me a lot in getting the room fixed up. Plus, she can see all the Stooges.

Hope your weekend is good!


  1. All good news today! - which is really great, and I'm glad that you will have the opportunity of spending a bit more time with your glove-loving mother!

  2. how frustrating that the P.O people don't try at least a little bit to deliver things in some semblance of being intact!! It sure costs enough to mail stuff. I think I could have flown to see my girls for the amount it has cost me to send them packages lately!
    So glad the Curly is doing well!
    Also glad to hear that your mom is going to be nearby for a while.

  3. When I ordered hook pens for Mom right after LadyShuttleMaker startedd selling them they arrived in the SAME fashion. The post office does need to READ!! )

  4. Such a shame when the postal service lets you down. Two Christmasses ago I had nothing but grief and lost packages. Sheesh.
    Yay for Curly.
    Enjoy your mom.
    My weekend--well, you know by now that it ended on the perfect note!

  5. I took your photo to the PO to show them what happened and they said this, "It looks like someone ran it through the machine."

    ...WELL DUH!

    Seriously, that is all I got.

    I could start packaging everything in boxes but shipping prices would go up significantly. It seems like a catch 22.

  6. OH my orders always arrive looking like that here in New Mexico! I also have a matching Sherry Envelope. No wonder the US Postal Service is loosing money and closing PO’s. Won’t that just make it worse because you know people are always promoted to the level of their incompetence.
    Everything arrives torn, dirty (footprints even) or gets sent back as “no such address”. We aren’t THAT rural, only 1/2 mile from the city limit; one would think we were back in pioneer days.