Thursday, February 24, 2011

Joy in the post

I came home from work and did the happy dance. Why? This is why!

The postman brought me a package - my ChocoLove winnings from the lovely IsDihara! Even Cisco is drooling at my loot!

See what I got? Orange Peel Dark Chocolate, a chocolate themed journal, AND CocoLime HDT, dyed by Miss Tatskool. This of course feeds my HDT addiction, which is almost as bad as my addiction to chocolate. And what shall I do with think journal? Me thinks I should use it for drawing up tatting patterns. Score!

Thank you so much, IsDihara. You are a generous lady!

Cisco remained on my desk, staying true as a card carrying member of both FAPUC and FAPR. Don't know what those organizations are? Why, Felines Against People Using Computers and Felines Against People Reading, of course. He stands in front of my keyboard and computer screen so that I will pet him rather than work online. I don't know where he keeps the cards for the organizations, but he obviously puts them somewhere.

Today Moe came with me to work. (Winter break - don't ask.)  I took him to the metro station and got him on the train line to visit my mother who's staying across town for the winter. Don't worry, I didn't make Moe change trains without me. He spent the day hanging out with Mom, going to the farmer's market, doing a movie, and visiting with her cat Honey. After that, he was put back on the train & I picked him up on the other end of the line. It was good for Moe to ride the train alone - he's 14 and ready for a bit of independence. He had a good time!

It's warming up here is Hotlanta. The daffodils are starting to bloom in front of my company's headquarters. There should be a ton of them opening up this weekend - gorgeous!


  1. Love the cat organizations. I think that all cats must be members :)

  2. Love Cisco on the desk. He looks so laid back.

    Daffodils! Congrats on reaching the end of your winter. Our Azaleas and Crepe Myrtle bloomed this week.

  3. Hello Cisco, where is your brother? - interesting to read the information on the train route, but I clicked on Greenbriar Mall, and not one Craft shop to be seen!

  4. So glad your ChocoLove prize arrived so quickly. Those daffodils certainly look like a harbinger of Spring, but you might need a dark choccy/orange nibble (or three) to mull it over. :-)

    "Don't look now, but I think Cisco and Vader are organized."

  5. Lovely winnings!

    Organized? HA! 'The Cat' is a card-carrying, ACTIVE participant in both organizations.

    Representing Canada, he is the Canadian Advocate for the Trade Union of Felines' Fraternity For Food and Comfort Worldwide (CAT).
    Fox : )