Saturday, February 26, 2011

What's happening now

I'm still working on patterns for classes, so no tatting to show. Here's what's going on at chez Crazy.

It's looking more and more like spring!! I saw these beauties when I went to the bank today.

Since it looks like spring, that means pollen. Everyone at my house is choking and gagging with allergic reactions to pollen. I'm dosing people up with Claritin big time.

And why are we having spring? A good question, 'cause I know many people are still dealing with snow and serious winter. (Sorry, folks.)

Here's why - temps are Fahrenheit. For you Celsius folks, it's supposed to be about 25 C tomorrow in Hotlanta.  Yes, and it's still February. There's a reason I call it Hotlanta.

I spent some time today watching Chris Kimball look silly in a banana suit. Really. But I want the recipe...

 Vader spent time doing something else. I woke him briefly here - he's in mid-stretch. Wish I were that limber.

 BTW - I could use some test tatters. Anybody up for a quick tat? No doillies, just some jewelry and bookmarks. Let me know!

Hope your weekend is lovely!


  1. We've had some of those spring temperatures in Arkansas during the past couple of weeks, too. Our maple tree has new shoots about 8 inches long. It is too early, of course, and lots of plants will probably get damaged with a severe frost, or even some more snow or ice. I've really enjoyed soaking up a little sun on those days when the temperatures passed 70!

    I wish I had time to help with the test tatting, but the time just isn't there. Can hardly wait to see what you are up to though!

  2. we still have lots of snow on the ground and looking forward to spring flooding. sheesh. but, I could do a test tat or two.

    ladytatslace at g mail dot com

  3. I accidently rejected your comment on my blog. I can test tat if you still need someone. cheers.

  4. Those trees are gorgeous. I've seen some forsythia blooming around town, even though mine isn't. I'm sure we'll have another cold spell so I'm kind of glad mine haven't started blooming.

  5. Love that photo of Vader!
    I'd love to test tat for you.

  6. I could test a bookmark if you still need anyone.

  7. That tree makes my heart sing... so does Vader - every time.
    Fox : ))

  8. Hee, hee, Chris Kimball even did his intro bit with a straight face! So silly, seeing him in a banana suit.

    Ooh, signs of Spring! Hurry and venture across the land, Sweet Miss.

    Do you have all the test tatters you need?

    P.S. Tell us, how does (did?) that ChocoLove Orange Peel taste? It certainly sounded yummy! Was the poem on the inside wrapper all Don Juan, melt your heart?