Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tatting and spring

I'm tatting a bit, but I can't show you. I could, but then I'd have to kill you.

Ok, I'll show you a little. Will this do? Just a tease - can't show you yet, not for months.

I've noticed a lot of my tatting has acquired some extra color lately. For example, I'm tatting some lovely deep plum thread, and it's not coming out all plummy.There seems to be some soft black and white fibers present. Some gray ones too.

I wonder where they came from.

Things are blooming here.

The blooms are just starting, and so lovely. How is it where you are?


  1. Awwwhhh,that's just too adorable.

  2. Those blossoms....those colours..... how can it possibly be?

    ♥ from A Cold Canadian

  3. thanks for sharing spring and flowers. 44 today- zero tonight.

  4. Definitely cool project you're working on! You seem to be feeling better these days?

    Unfortunately, we can only wistfully dream about Spring. Even though it's officially a few weeks away, we know better! We won't see flowering trees until April at the earliest, and maybe not until May. The good news is that Easter this year is later in April, so we have a shot at having Spring-like weather for it. Nice to see your pictures, though!

    Can't imagne where those black and white threads are coming from ....!

  5. It must be wonderful to live in a paart of the world which has 4 seasons - so pretty. We have hot and hotter, with maybe three weeks of cold and windy.
    Cas in Melbourne tats with a big ginger "tat-cat" on her lap, her work has ginger and white hairs through it. She says as soon as she sits in the tatting chair he jumps up and settles down for a snooze.
    I am deeply envious.

  6. Here it is mostly gray and bleak with naked trees and shrubs but the sun has been shining more than usual and I expect to start seeing something or other budding soon!

  7. here is ND we still have a lot of snow, and right now tonight's temp is -2 with a forecast for -11 before morning.

    so, the blooming trees are very nice to look at. my neighbor and best friend is originally from SC so will have to send her your pictures of blooming trees.

    Michelle, where in MN are you located??

  8. If tatting has beads in it I'm very interested, can't wait to see what you are working on.
    Gorgeous pictures, our trees in England are not at that stage yet.

  9. It has been sunny after a bad week last week. We had a huge snow storm on Fri. and then lots of rain on Sunday night. Flooding in a lot of places but not here at home. Hope for more dry days so things can drain away. Your trees are beautiful. Send spring north will you.

  10. Oh, what a tantalizing glimpse of Spring. Even more tantalizing is the glimpse of beaded tatting!

    My word verification is "drati" -- and this is the Pokemon rendition:


  11. Blooms! I could sit and stare at your trees all day. It's 14 outside here.

  12. Whatever you're working on is pretty.
    The azaleas are blooming like crazy down here. Unfortunately, the tree pollen is sky high.

  13. You are so creative and talented. Love the extra fibers that are showing up in your tatting. When our Vanilla was still alive we had blond "fiber" everywhere!
    Beautiful blooms. Our forsythia is almost at full bloom.