Sunday, March 6, 2011

Some tatting and some news

I'm finally tatting something I can show you.

I didn't say I had finished it, did I? Sorry.

I'm following Sharren's lead and tatting Mary Konior's Mark My Words, a cross bookmark from A Pattern Book of Tatting. It's being tatted in Lizbeth Springtime size 20. I've decided to tat crosses for all the ladies in my Sunday School class, and this makes a good start. It's not a huge class, and I'll only need to tat 7 crosses.

We had a lot of wind here this weekend, and some of the spring blossoms were disturbed.

Here is proof of what a nursery man I know says, "There are only two types of Bradford Pear trees: those that have split, and those that are going to." This is a neighbor's unfortunate tree, now split. I have no Bradford Pears in my yard for this reason. I saw several other trees that split after the heavy winds this weekend.

The daffodils in front of my office are lovely, don't you think?

In other news, Curly is working again. He's working with a friend of DH's, a buddy who's a straight arrow & an ex-Marine. Carl is working on the road with Curly, having him put in 12 hour shifts. Curly was gone all this week until Saturday night, and is to be back out on the road again on Tuesday. He's worn out, and that's a  good thing. Keeps him out of trouble. I'm hoping he will save some of his money. But employment is good!

Not so good news for Moe. We were notified yesterday that Moe did not make it into the local IB program. We are all pretty disappointed and trying to figure out what to do, because the school he's districted for (we've been re-districted) is bad news. And there is no money for private school. We'll figure something out, or figure out a way to make the best of a bad situation.

I promise to have some crosses to show you next time...


  1. That is such a sad sight... Poor tree.
    Fox : (

  2. Aww, sorry about Moe. Who knows? Maybe something will change and he'll get in after all. Glad to see Curly is working. Hopefully, it's the kick in the pants he needs. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for y'all.

    I'm envious of the daffodils. All I get to see is snow. :(

  3. What is wrong with those people?? Moe is a terrific kid and would be an asset to their school! Hmph.

    MK loves really large rings, have you noticed? Even the small rings on this cross are whoppers!

  4. I love that cross! - but have been trying to think of the 4th Konior book, I always thought there were only 3. Shall have to go on a hunt.
    I think the most important thing about the disappointing entrance test is that it shouldn't be allowed to dictate Moe's opinion of himself - he's too young for something like this to define him. Be positive, with a good home influence, school will be but a part of his life, and there are always good students and teachers in the worst of schools. The thing to do is to keep him busy and "off the streets" - find an after-school activity that will absorb him. Ours were musicians, they lived and breathed music through the high school years, and before and after school rehearsals filled in the time nicely!

  5. I love the thread you're using for the cross... very springlike! Did you decorate your shuttle? It's very pretty! I think I may go buy some blinging supplies today.

    It's sad to see such a beautiful tree split in two. We have no fruit trees, but a friend of ours has several pear trees. Last year some of them split in the wind, and those were the ones that bore the most fruit, and the fruit was delicious!

  6. The neighbors across the street on the front side of our house got rid of all their "stinky fish" trees, which is good, but the neighbors across the street to the side still have theirs....but I have to say the aroma is not nearly as bad as when we had it coming from both sides!

    Did you know that you can pay tuition to go to MHS's IB program (and I think they're still taking apps....not sure). Nothing like private school tuition at all--I think something like $100/mo. but you do have to provide transportation. Only problem is that MHS is veeeery diverse if that's not your bag of rocks. Lots of new kids show up for HS-- went to private school or to county schools and opting to pay tuition to city schools, so he wouldn't be the only "new kid". The county has IB but lots of county kids opt to pay for ours because we have more choices (and IMO, it's just a better program--we've even had kids who started out in Cobb Co's IB magnet who came to us their second year instead of going back to their neighborhood HS in East we must be doing something right!)

    Just a thought.

  7. So sorry about Moe and the tree. But daffodils! And a job for Curly! Life gives us lemons and lemonade, doesn't it?

  8. Poor, sad, split pear tree AND poor Moe!

    The universe has something even better in store for Moe, and I am a big believer in never settling for second best, when another scan of the event horizon will lead you to better skies.

    Chin up Moe. Work hard Curly. Tat on Crazy Mom!

  9. Good news/bad news...that's how it is!