Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Finally - some tatting

So, I finally finished a bit of tatting to show you.

I think these are cute - they're both in Lizbeth 20, one is Springtime, one is Carribean. The pattern is Mark-My-Word by Mary Konior. I'll be making more of these for my Sunday School class. It's a quite, satisvying tat. Yes, I know the Springtime one has some mistakes. I don't think the lady who receives it will notice, or care. More to do - I'm making seven!

In a related line, I saw something folks might want to have for Tatting Tea Tuesdays.

It's a Tea Wallet. Cute, isn't it? Holds several packages of tea. The tutorial is here. I know several folks who need one....

I've got to share a funny with you. I am an avid Public Radio listener, and I love StoryCorps. StoryCorps is a segment NPR does to share stories from ordinary people. Some are sad, poignant, some are lovely reminiscences of growing up or meeting a spouse. And some are hilarious, like this one I heard yesterday, recorded locally. It's the story a retired school teacher told of the time when Bring Your Pet to School Day went so very wrong. You MUST listen.

Thanks to all who sent kind words after my last good news/bad news post. Life is full of ups and downs, and it's how you take the down times that really counts. (The good times are easy!) I have to model how to take disappointment well for my children. Moe has several friends who did not get into the IB program, and it's good to have buddies to commiserate with. The principal at the new school is supposed to be excellent, so that's promising. I think Moe will be ok - he's very resilient. But thank you for being so sweet to me.

Remember the split Bradford Pear tree I showed you in my last post?

Gone, baby gone. I saw the tree service pulling into the neighborhood yesterday morning. The poor doomed tree was split all the way to the ground. Such a shame.

Here's the tree in happier times, a sunset view. All things must go in the end.

And speaking of going.....

This bad behavior must simply stop.


  1. A tea wallet! Who'd have thunk?
    Going to listen to your link now.

  2. Did you make this tea wallet? I was looking all over for fabric a few months ago. I did find some but most of the prints were either way too big or so tiny that you couldn't readily make out what they were. I'm in the process of making a tea wallet for someone and specifically wanted pretty teacups. There are a lot of patterns out there (the web) and the one I'm making is different. I'm just doing a sample one before I cut into the very expensive teacup fabric I ended up with. IF I ever get back to it!

  3. Thank you for the StoryCorps link. I'm a teacher and have spent my brief lunch giggling thanks to you and the storyteller.

  4. Love the crosses, and could not spot the mistake, well not with a quick glance! But the saddess thing about your post was that tree, cut off in its prime. If I had been there would have taken the wood though!!

  5. mistakes???? I sure can't see any!!! Your work is so pretty. The folks in your SS class will love these.

  6. I thought the gorilla stroy was horrifying!! - but I suppose you had to be there.....
    What a shame Sally didn't get her pearwood, you will have to look out for other felled trees in future.
    I must say the sight of Vader on that leather seat makes my nervous - his claws!!

  7. You have to stop with the dead tree story... I can't take any more! It sure was a magnificent beauty - thanks for the sunset picture.

    Vader - a cat I can adore. Such an attitude.

    Fox : )

    Too bad, indeed, you could not have snagged some of that wood for 'Im in the Garage!

    You must keep your eyes peeled for more terrible times for fruit trees!

  8. I got so carried away about Vader and the poor tree that I forgot to say that I really like that pattern - which I have, but have never tatted. Great for a gift and could have a few .... BEADS!!!

    I can see this in all kinds of colours... I am going to get that book out AFTER I finish the interminable hankie edging!
    Fox : )

  9. Your crosses are so pretty!
    I hope you more ups than downs this week.