Monday, March 14, 2011

Royal Fail no more!

The postie came today and brought me happiness. The Royal Mail did great!

I had Jane make these for me and bought them from her Etsy shop. I now have my own fabulous Eborall Original Brooch! I put it on immediately. And look! A flying pig bookmark!

I had to hang the pig up with some other tatting at my desk. He makes me smile every time I look at him.

I got up a bit early on Saturday to take care of some car stuff, and then I came back home to find my bed had been hijacked. Cisco loves to recline on my messy bed, among the pillows. He was having such a good time, looked so comfy, I almost felt bad about moving him for a pre-Daylight Savings Time nap. He was happy to scoot over a bit and didn't think badly of me.

And I'm continuing to tat Mary Konior's Mark-My-Word crosses. Two more to go. I'm doing them all in variegated Lizbeth. I think the ladies in my class will be happy, don't you?

Vader says "You can't see me!" He's invisible. Um, yeah. We'll go with that.

At least he's not like these kitties....

Off to finish crosses....


  1. Cisco is smart not to let the Daylight Savings time affect him.
    Have your cats tried to catch the flying pig? I can just picture them swatting at the pig dangling from the lamp shade.
    Your crosses are lovely. Your students are so lucky.

  2. Oh Pippa would love batting at the pig. There are two pull chains on my bedside lamp and she gets them going like tether balls!
    The vid is hilarious. I shall have to try to get a photo of Pippa with my emory board in her paws...she holds all sorts of things! But no milk for her..She just likes dry food; and, DH bought her fancy Evo venison, roast beef, and Salmon ~ she does not like it so we gave it to Queen Cossette. Like “mikey” she will eat anything! LOL
    Love the crosses, so pretty and colorful.

  3. What a great idea, to hang your pig on the lampshade! Be careful, though, that the light doesn't make it fade.
    Vader is definitely a "down" cat, isn't he?- cats are either one or the other, if they are up-cats then they go birding. I would never have been able to cope with that, Clarissa only brought me mice - but I inherited my mother's 18-year-old cat when she died, and he caught birds!
    We had to bell him, but at his grand age, it was never successful. It was after he caught a magpie in our garden that I discovered the most amazing thing about birds: they communicate, and they have long memories. The cat lived for another 4 or 5 years, and even after he grew far too old and weak to think about it, whenever he was in the garden, the desendants of that poor unfortunate bird used to congregate in droves on trees and wires, all screaming at him. The story had obviously been passed down as a Cautionary Tale to the young.
    After he died, the birds were once again quiet.

  4. Wow, that was fast getting to you. Still find it strange and very exciting to see stuff I've made turning up thousands of miles away. Well done, Cisco - sensible cat!!

  5. Love the piggy and adore the tale about the Maureen's mother's cat! That was a real 'tweet' to read!
    Fox : )

    ps Kisses to the bad-ass cat.

  6. Forget while enjoying the giggles - the bookmarks are terrific. Neat pattern, which I have, but have never tatted. I am inspired to find the page...
    Fox : )