Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Luck needed

Curly has been making me crazy lately.

Let me backtrack. When I was little, my father used to recite a nursery rhyme to me.
There was a little girl who had a little curl
Right in the middle of her forehead;
When she was good, she was very, very good,
And when she was bad, she was horrid.
I was told it applied to me. Perhaps it did. I wasn't a perfect child.

But now, change the gender, and it's Curly. He can be really HORRID. For example, I explain house rules to him, and he basically spits in my face and breaks them. Then he apologizes and seems to be minding, and is sweet to all. The next day, he flagrantly breaks the rules again and has a meltdown when I enforce said rules with consequences.

What mean rules do I have? Two big ones are 1) no eating food outside of the kitchen/breakfast room, and 2) no sneaking friends in through the back at all hours (lets the dog out, lets hooligans in). I know, I know, it's asking a lot. But Curly finds these rules impossible to follow. Did I mention that Curly is almost 19?

So we had a big spectacle last night after I found that Curly had smuggled his druggie buddies into his basement room, plus I found tons of dirty dishes in his room. I told him he needed to leave the house when I left for work today. Much yelling and screaming ensued, especially when I told the buddies to go. There was another fiasco this morning, with Curly having a major fit when I told him time to go, slamming doors and flinging things around. Much drama.  And screaming that I didn't give him any warning about leaving and what is he supposed to do all day? (He's working sporadically.)  Yeah, yeah, yeah, go tell someone who's sympathetic. Not me. I've heard it. (It doesn't help that DH is out of town this week.)

For some non-Curly venting, I was flossing my teeth & being so good, when I flossed out a filling. The dentisit will see me tomorrow morning.

So - I could use some luck and some quiet times. Happily, my buddy Sharren gave me a nice opportunity when I test tatted her new Shamrock.

Isn't it cute? This is a lovely pattern and a fun tat. Go get the pattern & try it, just in time for St Pat's Day. Thanks, Sharren!

(BTW - has anyone else noticed that Lizbeth does not have any decent green thread? This was the best I had in Lizbeth. I almost resorted to DMC Perle, but just couldn't bear the floppiness of it.)

And, some pretty. The cherry trees are in bloom here. Lovely!


  1. Oh dear. Sorry to hear about Curly again. Perhaps the shamrock will bring you luck. She's an excellent designer is Sharren.

  2. O man...being an adult now (but not quite a Grownup *ha!) I can truly sympathize. You're kicking him out for the DAY? Maybe take him to an NA or AA meeting or someplace he will hear real life stories of kids kicked out - permanently - of their parents' houses at 13, 14 15, etc! Is there a 'Curlymobile'? I'm sure a car would help the world outside the Nest seem a lot more attractive....and looks like you live in the 'burbs. To be fair, you'd have to get somewhere first to find stuff to do all day...not like the City, where there's lots of choices right there at your doorstep. 2 cents.
    * ; )

  3. Hope505 - Curly was kicked out for several months, and we let him back in only because 1) he had trashed the car we gave him, and 2) it was the dead of winter and he had no job and no other place to go. We've spent enough money on him.

  4. Sorry about your kid woes. But, the tree sure looks good! How beautiful are cherry trees in bloom!

    That poem causes my blood pressure to sky-rocket.

    My family recited that to me all during my childhood and even into teenage years. I was merely different, but they could only see BAD. Got to HATE that little rhyme!
    Fox : )

  5. Sorry to hear about your troubles, child related and tooth related. That is such bad luck, floss teeth and a filling comes out, you and your dentist must be very close friends by now!!! Mine shook hands with me after the treatment, such a gentleman, but he was probably pleased to be getting all the money!
    Just made the shamrock for my Irish friends - passing on the luck to you and to them.

  6. Druggie friends I would not tolerate, but perhaps the messiness will eventually get better?
    However, with a 19 year old, as I have said before, sometimes tough love is the only way.What a shame it's all gone pear shaped again.
    I love that little shamrock; I've been tatting Yarnplayer's Beaded shamrock in Spring Green, and it looks just like the picture on her blog!
    So many dentist visits - poor you.

  7. Well I guess just dropping him off somewhere when you leave is best then. I wasn't necessarily suggesting that you spend hard dollars on your kid...sounds like he could be doing a lot worse.
    * : D
    hope you feel better.

    love your shamrock, btw. I weave,(on and off-loom) and am currently making a coiled-style navajo basket...

  8. Maintain the hard line, CrazyMom, and someday in the (hopefully not too far) future your son(s) will thank you for it.

    Your shamrock looks splendid! And real shamrocks look more like the color green you used than the darker color you see everywhere. Tatskool's post about greens for her teapots illustrates this very nicely.

    Trees are just budding in my corner of Tat Land, so I appreciate seeing your beautiful trees in full bloom!

    Huge Hugs!

  9. Oh honey. If you changed the locks on him, I totally wouldn't judge you. That is TOUGH stuff.