Saturday, March 19, 2011

Crosses finished!

I finished my group of crosses for the ladies who are in my Sunday School class. The Joy class is, by tradition, all women. I'm one of the teachers and the youngest class member. I love this class.

I'm pleased with these and I think the ladies will be too. It's nice to have a Bible bookmark. FYI - this is Mary Konior's Mark-My-Word pattern, and all are tatted in Lizbeth size 20. They're unblocked, just slapped up on the scanner.

The weather here is has turned gorgeous, and things are blooming. These purple flowers are in a hedge in front of my office.

And here's some pretties near my house. I love spring, don't you?

I"m prepping for a tatting outing in North Georgia. I did this last October, and we had a blast. It's much the same group as last time - it'll be Sharren and Karrieann and Catherine and maybe Marie Smith. We'll be staying near a big outlet mall, so I think shopping may be in order. Or at least serious browsing. I've just picked up some nifty paper and other shuttle blinging supplies, so we may get creative. Or we may just have a lot of giggling, like last time. I'm really looking forward to going, two nights this trip!

BTW - I got home after Curly was out most of the day, and he had come in and cleaned. The kitchen and family room were clean, and he was working on his own room. So, some progress there. And I made a visit to the dentist and got my filling replaced. As I hate novacaine, I got it done "raw jaw" and was out of there in 30 minutes without drooling. (The pain was minimal. I'm no martyr.) No more dentistry for a while, I hope!

Sympathy goes out to our tatting friend Fox, after the death of her beloved Burmilla cat, Misha. Misha was often featured in her blog posts. I feel for her - you all know how I love my kitties. Pets are wonderful, such unconditional love.

Enjoy the spring!


  1. What lucky, lucky ladies in your Sunday school class!
    The flowers are so very pretty. They are her, too. I love spring.
    Have a great time with your tatting friends. I'm sure you will.
    Yea............ Curly!!!
    Prayers to Fox who lost her cat. We lost our 10 1/2 yr. old cat in October.

  2. Beautiful, beautiful flower bed - and that pink hedge is stunning!!You must have enjoyed tatting those crosses, the colours of the threads are joyful in themselves!
    Yes, I, too, am feeling sad about Misha this morning. After my own beloved cat died years ago, I decided never to have another, because I simply cannot go through all the grief of losing an animal again.So I enjoy Vader and Cisco, Fox's cat, and several others instead.

  3. Great crosses! What a blessing for those receiving them! :)

  4. Curly cleaning! Finished crosses! Flowers! Planning a weekend of fun! Good things in your world and I'm glad to read of it.

  5. Love those crosses!

    When my son was on life support, one of the cleaning staff said a prayer over him and hung one of those by his bed.

    It was such an unexpected blessing! We still have it displayed here at home.

  6. Thanks for this CM. I just saw it tonight as I was trawling through your blog. Wonderful, kind sentiments from a Tat-land. I am glad that is all behind me.
    Fox ♥

    P.S. The verifications can be very
    freaky. Tonight it is obbit!