Wednesday, March 23, 2011

World's smallest Stumpy

I've done it. I have tatted the world's tiniest Stumpy.

Yup, it's about one inch long, done in size 80 DMC. Moreover, I altered the pattern and sized it down. It is little. (And obviously unblocked...)

Why did I do this, you ask? So that I can use this to bling a Clover shuttle. Maybe stick some jewels in the middle of some rings... That should work, don't you think?

Spring is in full swing here. Azaleas and dogwoods are starting to bloom. Leaves are coming out on trees. Cars are turning yellow. And Moe and the rest of the Stooges (plus DH) and suffering with pollen.

Oh my eyes, oh my nose!

Here is today's official Hotlanta pollen count. Makes your eyes water just looking at the picture, doesn't it? Guess what! It can go much higher!

Tomorrow I met folks for my Spring Tatting Fling in North GA - should be a blast! Will have lots of fun to report afterwards - toodles!


  1. The lace edging in your header is very pretty too...might consider that one in size 80 or so.

  2. Perhaps you should spend your spring further north where pollen isn't a picture! (hahaha)
    That? IS TINY.

  3. I think your Stumpy will work great on a Clover! Post pictures, please!

  4. Whew-WEEE! That is some teeny tiny tatting. Can't wait to see how it looks as bling!

    Enjoy your Spring Fling in North GA. Sip wine, nibble snacks, bling shuttles, gossip and giggle, maybe even work in some tatting. It's a tough job... ENVY!

  5. haha, I absolutely love it, can't wait to see your stumpy blinged shuttle!