Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter and onward.

I hope you all had a happy Easter. Mine was good. Moe was confirmed at church and my mother visited oh so briefly. She came for the 11 am service, and was gone by 2:30 pm. Which was ok with me, as I got to take a nap afterwards.

I've been tatting, this from today's lunch. I was eating the remnents of my Easter meal - some ham and sweet potatoes, along with fresh corn. Yum. I'm starting round 4 of the Daffodil doily. It wants blocking badly. But it will be a pretty little thing when it's done!

Mom brought me a funny thing - sugar free Peeps! Who knew such a thing existed? I'm not tempted to open them, as I think peeps are nasty tasting. The Stooges all received some yellow Peeps in their Easter loot, for them to either eat or torture. Some of both will happen, I'm sure. I know Moe has already stuffed one into his mouth. Yuck! Larry is going the torture route, I'm sure.

How was your weekend?


  1. Peeps have never appealed to me. However, your lunch sure looks yummy!

    I love your little scissors! Your motif sure is looking pretty!

  2. I like peeps. just never get any. of course, I eat plain marshmallows too. oh, well, if they aren't tortured, that just means more for me. He he

  3. LOL! I've never liked peeps but I didn't know you could do this with them. What keeps them from exploding all over the microwave?

  4. I always get my grandsons (now all teens) Peeps - yes, to be tortured before eating. We all have fun with them, but I didn't know there are sugar free Peeps! Enjoyed seeing your video.
    Your doily color is very nice and I look forward to seeing it finished. Karen in OR

  5. P.S. What pattern is the edging at top of your blog? Karen in OR

  6. Exploding Peeps! LOL! I am not fond of Peeps, but have made The Sprout "Peep-sicles" in the past. Nothing elaborate, just Peeps on a stick.

    I saw Peeps Sushi over the weekend -- made with rice crispy treats for the base and fruit roll-ups sliced thin for the seaweed wrapper part. Other bits were candy also. Clever, I thought.

    Your daffodil doily is off to a great start! It looks so cheery and bright. Looking forward to seeing it once completed.

    Note: my word verification is "kromboom" -for exploding Peeps?

  7. I was clueless as to what these things were till I read the word marshmallow! You guys in the US of A have some funny stuff!

    Love th little motif - great colours.

    Glad I did not see Vader with long, white ears and a mouthful of chicks... You just never know...
    Fox : )

  8. The motif looks great, despite the need for blocking. :-P

    I actually love Peeps... I bite the heads off first so I can eat the bottoms last. Why? Because the bottoms have more sugar on them (from the loose sugar settling to the bottom of the box), and you gotta save the best for last. :-D I think that qualifies under both eating and torture!

  9. I do admire your tatting! I am still so painfully slow at it... but I am learning! Crocheting is much more my thing.

    And I think Peeps are nasty, too! I wonder how they made sugar-free ones? What do they coat them with? Crystalized artificial sweetener?

  10. Oh, drat! And to think I was considering taking a platter of Peeps Crudite to a soiree next week! Now I'm thinking I'm going to have to go with a festive Jello aspic instead. Hmm. How would that be? Whole peeps suspended in a delightful, gelatinous cherry matrix?

    Congrats on Tat Days!

  11. I have been at my Mom's for her post-spine surgery recovery. I was there for Easter.

    Sugar-free peeps!!! I had no idea. I bet there are some in the post-Easter clearance bin!

  12. Believe it or not, we had a Peep-free Easter. All those sugar grains everywhere--this bunny couldn't deal.
    Congrats on your confirmed son!