Thursday, April 28, 2011

a rough day, but progress

I had kind of a rough day. I spent most of it in traffic court with Curly, trying to mitigate damage. During week long snow/ice storm in January, Curly ventured out in the van and had a little unexpected meeting with a stranger on the road. Curly was also driving a car with an expired tag and he hadn't paid his insurance, and he tried to flee the meeting. Hence, four ugly tickets.

His smart mom had maintained insurance on the car as the car was not properly registered, so one ticket went away. And the others got plead down to lesser charges. But the end results are a substantial fine and probation until the fine is paid. It could have been worse. Had the initial charges stuck, Curly would have lost his license. He was sweating bullets all day.

We were sweating bullets last night looking at the bad weather. Hotlanta was spared by the worst of the horrible tornadoes, which hit other areas of Georgia. And our neighbors to the west in Alabama are in terrible shape. About 200 people killed there when the tornadoes hit. If you've never been near a tornado, consider yourself lucky. They are terrifying.

And I'm still working on the Daffodil Doily.

I'm hoping to finish this afternoon when I take Curly to his appointment with his psychiatrist. (Yeah! Meds!) The doily is doing weird things in this last round. I think some serious blocking is in order.

Ph - and I'm taking the latest Design Tat class! It should be fun!


  1. The doily is looking good! Have fun in the class! Great opportunity.
    Fox : )

  2. So pleased that you were not hit by a Tornado, but some have not been so lucky and saw the results on television here. Good luck with the doily, its looking good.

  3. I had a brother-in-law killed in a tornado in 1994 so I always hate hearing about them and the damage they do. My ex's nephew had extensive damage to his house a few weeks ago from one. $70,000 and they have to live in a hotel for a few months until it's repaired. Glad to hear that's one storm that missed you.

    I have a grandson very much like your son. There is a sort of natural rebellion to taking drugs one NEEDS to take. I understand all the reasons but it sure makes life hell for everyone until the years sort it out. You're doing well.

  4. Fingers crossed that it goes well today for Curly! You all deserve some peace.

  5. Since I first heard about your son Curly, I've been interested in your updates on him. Today I clicked on his name in the subject cloud...what an enlightenment.

    I will preface this with letting you know I am an independant, functional, bipolar woman, age 45.

    I, too, had my share of ups and downs growing up...I wasn't even diagnosed until fairly recently, so you might imagine the turmoil of my young-adulthood.

    There are a lot of theories as to the conditions and reasons which culminate to result in bipolar disorder...biochemistry, heredity, and environment all play a part.

    Now, after reading your posts about this son of yours, I notice you write quite a bit about your concern for his behavior...I do not see a lot of writing about your concern for his feelings or emotional state (which seems unstable). An inconsistency and instability where "home" is he welcome, or is he not? How do you suppose it would feel to be a youngster, feeling that you essentially are not welcome "at home"?

    I mean...this kid has tried sleeping in his a tent in the back yard?

    Let me give you a little hint, as a person who has spent her own good dollars on much therapy: this convoluted behavior on YOUR part is only setting your son up for more difficulty in the future.

    Consider visiting the therapist along with "Curly", won't you, Auntie Mame? You make him sound like a bad dog, or a wild horse who simply will not be broken...I implore you to try some more compassionate methods. NOT to "change his behavior" - to HELP him SURVIVE in this unkind world.

  6. Hope505:

    You haven't got a clue what's going on. And you haven't left an email address. Don't comment on this situation if all you can do is criticize from afar. I get enough of that shit already. This kid has had EVERY opportunity and you just don't know what he's done to us.

    Buzz off.