Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Vader can be a bad boy. Here, he's harassing Cisco, while Sophie watches.

See what I mean? And Sophie spends much of her waking hours growling at him. Vader spend most of his waking hours stalking the other cats.

Larry says Vader is Curly in cat form. Heh.

Speaking of bad and trending toward mean (I don't think Vader is mean, he's just a teenage boy), have you ever had someone be truly mean and hateful? I'm having an issue right now with someone who is leaving hateful comments on my blog. Please note - this person is NOT a tatter or crafter, or someone I consider a blogging friend, or someone I have any association with. Said commenter is leaving me nasty grams about how terrible I am to Curly. I haven't told all the details of what's going on with Curly and our family (and I'm not going to), so this commenter is making a LOT of incorrect assumptions. And  doing it virtually anonymously, with no way for me to respond back appropriately! It's like being stalked by someone you can't see, but who leaves you nasty notes in your locked house. Very creepy.

Which is why I've gone to moderated comments. I'd rather let people comment freely, but I can't leave this stuff up. (The offending comments have been deleted.) I'm only doing it to keep this type of ugliness (and those ones who post sex links) out. In God we trust, all other pay cash.

Speaking of nasty, I'm feeling nasty about my tatting. Well, disappointed about my ability to focus on it. I'm deep into round 7 of the Pineapple Heaven doily, and I've found a mistake way back, deep in round 6. The scissors will have to come out. *SIGH* I counted 16 rings that will have to be cut this time. Happily, I only have to cut thread from one shuttle - I can save the shuttle 2 thread. I was able to do this before as well. Durn it.

BTW - has anyone else tatted this doily? I'm looking ahead and I'm seeing an issue in rounds 8 and 9 - either round 8 doesn't match the picture and round 9 is wrong, or round 8 it wrong. Or maybe it's MEEEE...

Any and all happy or helpful comments would be appreciated.


  1. That is a beautiful doily :-) I hope that you are able to determine whatever the issue is with the next couple of rounds...I would love to see your finished version! I love pinnaple doilies, have crocheted a few...but not sure I'm up for a tatted version yet! Maybe someday (sooner than later I hope) :-)

    Praying that things go better for your family and that the nasty commentator stops their nastygrams as well. I enjoy your blog and that just is not right!

  2. Your cats are adorable! And to counteract any previous nasty-grams left by people not brave enough to put their name to their opinion... *HUGS!*

  3. Hmmm, why is it that when I saw the title of today's entry (Badness) I knew right away that you were talking about Vader? :)

    In our family it's Eva that is full of badness. Good thing she is so cute because it almost makes up for all the naughty things she does.

  4. If you choose not to post this comment it's totally okay. As a person who has a mother with alot of the same issues Curly has, I want you to know you deserve support too. And after hearing how I "don't understand" for years, it took some pretty dramatic events in my family to put a stop to the behaviors that are often blamed on sickness, but do deserve consequences. All you can do is your best! Anyone from the outside can't understand, so don't worry about them. They don't deserve your time!

  5. your doily will be a work of art I am sure.
    Sorry you have had issues with a poster. not nice.
    my dh's family (sister,nephews,cousin, aunt...) has some of the same issues to deal with as you, so I understand the difficulties a little,
    and we have a daughter with serious depression issues
    just know that you are cared for despite the hardships.

  6. It occurs to me (has it occurred to you too?) that the anonymous commenter might BE Curly.

    As for the Pineapple Heaven doily, cutting out the mistakes is the fastest way to proceed if you find them way back in previous rounds.

    No suggestions on the potential misprint tho' I am looking at the instructions, hoping for insight to strike.

  7. I understand why some people assume alternative names to protect their privacy online. But they should not take advantage of this anonymity to bully, harass, and insult someone. Hope that moderation clears away this problem poster.

  8. Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave today [19 May 02:15am GMT]. Thanks, Maria

  9. Sounds like a big chicken asserting their oh-so-unnecessary opinions.

    Look at that doily thing as "practice" -- practice at hiding ends, practice at perseverance and patience, practice in maintaining serenity and practice in restraint of tongue. Heh.

    That being said, I feel your pain and look forward to seeing you in September!

  10. I'm a Youth leader in my local Church, and as I often tell my young "adults" there "You can always tell if you are doing something wrong by whether or not you would want someone knowing it was you who did it." Know that you have the suport of those with better judgement. I'm sue you will be able to sort out any potential problems with your doily. Thank you for posting I had not found this pattern yet and think it will make an excelent gift for one of the ladies at my church. Hugs from Savannah Ga.

  11. I don't think the comment I tried to post yesterday actually came through!
    Cisco has the upper paw, doesn't he? - but,after all, he IS sitting on Vader's special chair......
    Sometimes it's easier to cut your losses and start all over again, perhaps with new thread. I once spent three nights unpicking 7 or 8 rings and chains,because it was a very special piece and I simply couldn't bear the thought of having to reattach thread when the shuttles were wound CTM!