Friday, May 13, 2011

I do not like it, Sam I am

I won't go on and on about the loss of Blogger today. Let's just say I was annoyed.

I will, however, go on about what happened with my doily. I'm working on the Pineapple Heaven by Doretha Albee, tatting it in some pink size 20 Lizbeth. Yesterday I was tatting in the pediatrician's waiting room, waiting with Moe. This was his 3rd MD visit in 20 days. (Strep, sinus infection, now a viral throat ulcer thing - poor guy!) I was working busily on round 5.

I stopped and tried to figure out why the durn thing was cupping. Then I gasped - I saw the problem. See what I mean?

Now do you see it? I couldn't go forward, so I stuffed the the doily in my pocket and we saw the doctor. Later I counted how many rings I'd have to pick out and felt sick. Lucky thirteen rings and eleven chains. OMG. That's a lot of retro tatting.

So, today at lunch, I did the honorable thing.

I took my scissors and cut it out. It just kills me to take scissors to my tatting, but what choice did I have? Not in a moat, not on a boat, I do not like green eggs and ham. ARGH!

But I am soldiering on, and now there are no signs of my error.

BTW, Moe is recovering. He felt well enough to take his first belt test in karate tonight, and is now a happy yellow belt. Claims to be almost ready for the orange belt test next month. Go Moe!

And I'll toot my horn - go here and see pictures of what I'm teaching at Palmetto Tat Days in September. Oh, and there are a few other great patterns being taught too. You need to come!


  1. Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave today [14 May 02:15am GMT]. Thanks, Maria

  2. I hate taking scissors to tatting also, but sometimes it's the only thing to do. I've stopped taking tatting with me to office appointments. I always make mistakes that I regret.

    I would love to attend Palmetto Tat Days, but it will have to wait until I retire. It's just to difficult to miss days at the beginning of the school year. Of course, then I probably won't be able to afford the trip! I guess I'll just have to keep following your blog!

  3. Blogger was a pain yesterday I agree. That doily is a challenge, look forward to seeing it when it is finished.
    Great to see what you are going to be teaching and also everyone else, very impressed.

  4. I will be watching your progress on the "Pineapple" doily with bated breath. Crossing fingers that the rest of the tatting is "Heaven."