Friday, May 27, 2011

Doily progress

I'm making some progress on the doily.

I'm on round 10 (of 16) now and it's starting to go faster. The twisted picots slowed me down. The doily is about 6 inches across now. It's tatted in a pink Lizbeth size 20 thread.

Vader is now jumping up on the bed (rather - on ME) in the middle of the night. At least it seems to be the middle of the night to me, not a morning person. DH says it's more like 5:30 am. Vader purrs LOUDLY and jams himself clumsily between DH and I. He is a horse - a large kitty.

The other night I dreamed that a horse, rather horse hooves, were stepping on my abdomen, mashing on me. I woke up, and Vader was standing on my stomach.

Here's a funny I posted that I took of Vader back in October. He was playing with a flattened roll of toilet paper in a bag - Moe was going to take this camping, but Vader pounced on it.

DH (who is sometimes just nutso) has a small creature living in the pond outside his man cave. Yes, that's a fuzzy dark duckling in the water. Not sure what type, may be a Khaki Campbell. DH somehow thinks the duck will be happy here. (HA!) I'm going to make sure this critter goes to his sister's house. She has ducks and chickens. Oh, in the picture above, you can see we are working on a small plum crop.

That's not all DH has brought home.

He has brought home 6 young opossums. No lie. This is Larry holding one. I'm told they are eating canned cat food. I don't care what they're eating, or if the Stooge think they're cute, I want them OUT of my house.

DH promised to have the 'possums gone on Tuesday. Huh. We shall see.

It's Memorial Day Weekend, ya'll! Have fun!

PS - The Blogger issue seems to only be with Internet Explorer. Firefox works just fine.


  1. Vader is such a handsome devil -- no wonder you're willing to put up with his evil doings!

  2. So, you're having a "possum holiday" weekend? Why don't the cats chase and torment the young possums? (Or are the possums too wild and potentially virulent dangers to the sweet kitties?)

  3. OK, so I had to come back and leave another comment. Being allergic, I generally avoid cats but am quite addicted to your cats' adventurous antics.

    If you have the opportunity to get video of a cat shooting out from a pile of laundry/under an ottoman/tangled up in string I wouldn't mind seeing that. (Hee, hee.)

  4. I cannot believe he brought them home - alive! That is "opossuumbly" the strangest tale I have heard in a long while!

    Pretty pink up there... Nice design.
    Fox : )

  5. Yes indeed, possums do eat catfood-ask me how I know! Our possums are different from yours, but muyst be along the same lines, I suppose - and if they attach themselves to the household of a my mother was.....well then you get two cats and a possum all lined up in the kitchen with their own plates. I used to get so cross with her, since you aren't supposed to feed wildlife.
    That is a most beautiful picture of Vader, he has grown into a mature gentleman, hasn't he? - I was going to add dignified - but perhaps not yet!

  6. I know that doily is going to be lovely when finished, but I love it just as it is! Right now it looks like a lacy spider web.

  7. My Gosh it's like Wild Kingdom up there!
    Have a good holiday weekend!

  8. I'm laughing because my sons recently found a "dead" possum and were in the middle of burying it when G realized it was breathing! Tricky!