Saturday, May 28, 2011

Critter update

I'm happy to report that DH was able to catch the mama possum and reunited her with her babies, all six of them. Then he took them out in the big woods behind us, and they trundled off into the wild. A good ending.

I'm not so happy about what happened afterwards.

DH tried to get me to go to an event called a Chicken Swap. Now, here in Hotlanta, a lot of folks have taken to having urban chickens. These are mostly hens raised in an enclosed outside area, kept for either their delicious eggs or to give kids a bit of the farm experience. There's a guy known as The Chicken Man, who helps folks get started with chickens. I have a sister on the other side of the metro area who got 6 exotic chickens from The Chicken Man.

For a while (until a nasty neighbor griped about poo on his little sidewalk), we had 2 sweet hens, gotten as chicks from the hardware store. We enjoyed their eggs. After we got grief from the homeowners association, the chickens went to live with my SIL.

DH seems to have forgotten all that fun with the neighbors. So he went to the swap, where people could swap chickens, learn about farm things, or  BUY CHICKENS.

He came home with a tiny rooster and a hen. The rooster is full grown and very tame, the seller had him on his shoulder. I have to admit, the rooster's really pretty. And he's not supposed to crow much. The hen will lay small eggs for us. But still....

DH swears he'll send the pair to his sister's house later. Huh, yeah.

(Isdihara suggested I name the chickens Lunch and Dinner.)

I'm on round 11 of 16 on the Pineapple Heaven doily. Going much faster now. And I have a lovely hanky I got in the mail from sweet Diane - thank you Diane! You are a love! I got pink rose one from group B. I'll put a new corner on it, I'll figure out something pretty.

Gotta go - DH is making barbecued ribs, with corn on the cob and baked beans. Yum! (Note - he's not fixing fresh chicken.)


  1. Isdihara is very funny...
    Fox (from the hen-house)
    : )

  2. ahhh, banty chickens. (a small breed of chicken ~ Bantam)
    i have had many of those and the regular large size too. you have a pretty rooster, I am unsure of the "not supposed to crow much..." in my experience, they can crow just as much and as loud as the larger breeds, but maybe this is just an individual idiosyncrasy. as for the eggs, I would use 2 banty eggs to equal one large.
    have fun with your flock. how are you keeping them?

  3. I have to admit.... the only thing stopping me from having a few chickens in my back yard are the city by-laws. Your DH sounds like a hoot. Can't wait to read what happens next.

  4. Tell your DH that he is my hero for the opossum

  5. hehehehe...brings back memories. I had a husband who kept bringing animals home and guess who took care of them? Chickens, ponies, goats, dogs, cats, turtles, a parrot. I didn't complain. He really wanted a monkey.

  6. Don't tell my husband you have a chicken and a rooster. He'll want to get some, and I'll have to take care of them... not my idea of fun!

    Ha! Ha! Lunch and dinner... I like those names!

  7. "Dinner" is very beautiful, he is Norman in Rootbeer Float and White come to life!

  8. Purty rooster! You could also name them "Soup" and "Salad" (since they're both chickens...)

    Bawwwwwwk! bocbocboc