Saturday, June 4, 2011

Threads. I has 'em.

I got a package in the mail from my buddy Isdihara yesterday.

Now, you need to know that Isdihara and I met at Palmetto Tat Days 2010 and instantly bonded. I mean right that second. Since then, we've spent way too much time on the phone giggling about kids and tatting and life and husbands and silliness, though not necessarily in that order. She and I share a wicked sense of humor. (Ask her sometime about why her DH sometimes yells "Sanctuary!")

Isdihara had gotten some of the new colors of Lizbeth thread. And she shared!

See? All the new variegated colors, in size 40. I feel rich! The Sea Island Citrus is especially pretty. I like the Raspberry Frappe and the Purple Iris Fusion too. Hmm - what to make...

I'm almost through with round 13 of the Pineapple Heaven doily. I took this pic a couple of days ago - the pineapples are really  showing through. And round 14 is on the last page of the pattern (16 rounds). The end is near...

Curly is doing better, and is working some. He is continuing to live in the neighborhood, and seems to be taking his meds to good effect. Whew.

Curly loves cats, and he just got this tiny,tiny kitten. I hope he can manage the kitty - they tend to be more money than teens are aware of. But the kitty seems sweet, and it helps Curly to have a creature.

We had some sad news this week. I'm not going to be an aunt again, not in October. My SIL's pregnancy did not go as planned. They are very sad, as you can imagine. Mom is going up on Monday to help them a bit - she does this a fair amount. (BTW - she had a great time on her trip to Barcelona!) My brother is 45 and his wife is 40, so their time is short for further children. They have a little girl, a toddler, who gives them much joy.

That's about all the news from Lake Wobegon, except for the fact that it's hellishly hot for early June. It's supposed to be 97F tomorrow, and was in the upper 90's all week. What's it going to be like in August? Ugh.

Sophie on my messy desk

Sophie doesn't say much about the heat. She's not much good at helping me tat either - no thumbs.

Stay cool...


  1. Oooh, the threads look wonderful - I'm adding some of those to my USA shopping list right now. Curly's kitty looks soooo sweet.

  2. I have a few of those threads, and they are luscious! Your doily looks wonderful. I'm about ready for another doily... Spinning Wheel glass mat maybe? ; )

  3. Cute! Sooooo cute. That kitten makes me want to RUN to a shelter and adopt a kitty.

    Your doily looks great and so do all those yummy colours.

    I wish I were the proverbial fly, listening to you and Isdihara.... I giggle just thinking about it!
    Fox : )

  4. Uh-oh, it might be time for a Skype conference for some silly tatting talk. CrazyMom & Fox, do you Skype?

    How strange to see my handwriting on a tatting blog...

    Is that a sample of Martha Ess' tatted broomstick crochet bookmark I spy in your shuttle bowl on your office desk? It is quite lovely tatted in Lizbeth (R) Marble.

  5. Ban Isdihara forthwith from your blog - she is the Enabler......or maybe she and you are giving me something to look forward to.Eventually all those delicious colours will make their way to the mountain top in Queensland where they live!
    Wasn't Vader Curly's cat in the beginning? - maybe the new little cat will come to torment him in his turn!

  6. I'm happy for the Curly update--but so sorry for your SIL. That's tough to experience, so I'm glad they have one healthy child to give them solace right now.

  7. such a lovely looking doily! I've crocheted many but have yet to learn how to tat.

  8. This doily looks so wonderful.